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Foot, Rogaine
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Sat 30 May 2020

Whenever you like

Hutt Valley
OHV Rogaine Mapping
Wellington, Lower and Upper Hutt

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A three-day challenge to ease back into orienteering or rogaining at your own pace. Complete one or more 60-minute urban score events, sometime over the long weekend. And for those who know what the "E" in rogaine stands for, complete SIX of them.

OHV has 20 mini rogaines prepared for secondary school rogaine familiarisation between 2011 and 2017, and about 10 of them have been checked over and given a tick for current conditions.  Select and print your own maps from the internet. Use the cellphone app MapRun to score yourselves. Or simply use the control list to answer the simple questions and self-report results. No fees, no rego, know who's in your team, and keep appropriate distancing from others. Solos are fine.

These mini rogaines are largely urban, with a small amount of town belt type bush. They are easier than orienteering score events, and should suit all but those who insist on difficult navigation. And as for physical challenge, you don't HAVE to spend the whole 60 minutes. And you can do anywhere from one to SIX of them.

Now for competition-freaks, we'll publish a number of results.

  1. Highest score for a single rogaine. Yes of course the events aren't identical, you'll have to study the 10 courses to find the juiciest, and then hare round it.
  2. Highest total score for three different courses. Any three, any time in the weekend - one a day, or whatever you like
  3. Highest total score for six different courses. You'll have to choose your courses, the optimum schedule, controls within each one, and then last the distance! This strategic challenge is in the spirit of OHV innovations like the five-stage rogaine we ran for the 21st birthday of NZ rogaining.
  4.  And like the 2017 Big Trig, you can have a bonus of 20% for darkness - rogaines you start after 6pm or finish by 6am, heh heh.
  5.  And UN-like other rogaines, you can have a bonus for finishing early - 1 pt/minute.

There's more fine print to sort out, its going onto this web page: www.ohv.org.nz/events/66312/

And that's where you can find the 10 courses and their maps.

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Michael Wood

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