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Scotts Ferry South
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Event Date

Sun 27 Sep 2020

10:30am to 1:00pm

Red Kiwi
Scotts Ferry

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
From Bulls: Turn west onto High St in Bulls. It changes name to Parewanui Rd so just stay to the left as it passes the Scotts Ferry Motor Camp (about 17 km from Bulls) and a few houses. Just before road end look for Red Kiwi set up.
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Event Information

Bring a compass:  The courses are in a confined forested area so a great place to try your compass-based orienteering.

Start is at the far southern end of the map. Park in the forest on the left at the end of the forest road as marked.

Usual forest hazards such as falling pine cones, rotten logs and possum holes but generally good running for 80% of the course. Some legs o through more challenging terrain and route choice is critical.

Full body cover is recommended for orange and red courses . Watch out for blackberry canes.

Watch out for runners when driving on the roads.

White: Taped through the forest for the first 7 controls to introduce beginners to contour features. !.4 km

Yellow: Straight forward to start with but the second half is more challenging, especially if the tide is in. 3.2 km

Orange: Emphasis is on route choices. These will make a difference to your times. 4.9 km

Red Short: Technically as difficult as we could make it. 2.8 km

Red Long: Mostly different to Red Short but still challenging. 4.8 km

Bring your lunch and enjoy the area.

Course closes at 2:30 pm

Contact Details
Tony Paterson

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