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Scotts Ferry (North and South)
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Event Date

Sun 28 May 2023

10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Red Kiwi
Scotts Ferry

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Bulls: Turn west onto High St in Bulls. Look for Orienteering sign/arrow at Raumai Rd and Parewanui Rd. Drive to Parawanui Rd end
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Event Information

Forest/Coastal dunes - runnable mature pine forest with good visibility (north and south of Parewanui Rd)

Bring a compass:  The courses are a great place to try your compass-based orienteering in a forest.

White course (fun, for beginners) follows mountain bike trails, with guiding tapes in places - come and have a go!

Usual forest hazards such as falling pine cones, rotten logs and possum holes but good running.

5 Courses to choose from:

1. White - 2.5 km (1:5,000)

2. Yellow -  3.0 km (1:5,000)

3. Orange - 3.6 km (1:7,500)

4. Red Medium - 4.0 km (1:7,500)

5. Red Long - 5.7 km (1:7,500, with map flip)

Bring your lunch and enjoy the area.

Course closes at 2:30 pm


Bring cash on the day or pay in advance to our club account.

Red Kiwi Orienteering Club  03 0726 0484235 00

RKOC and O club members ** Adult $10 ** Junior/Child $5 ** Family $20 **

Our Non member rates are ** Adult $15 ** Junior/Child $8 ** Family $30 **

Contact Details
Rick Weymouth

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