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Sprint-Adventure Race Chapter Two
Foot, MTB
  • Foot
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Event Date

Sun 12 Aug 2018

Check in from 9:30, Briefing 10:00

Hutt Valley
Hutt Valley river corridor seamless mapping
Lower Hutt

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Dry Creek entrance to Belmont Regional Park, turn off SH2 at the Haywards interchange and follow parking instructions below
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Event Information

Mini adventure race, consisting of riverbank mountain biking, navigation, park and bush trail orienteering. Ultra short (done by lunchtime)  suitable teamwork practice, nav training (yellow level). Bike approx. 12km, foot 4X approx 1km. Event as a whole is for teams of 2-4, foot stages may be done separately by individuals, families etc. Experimental event, see website above for OHV's training philosophy, and you can see the maps there for Chapter One.

Print your own maps from links below. Timing at selected controls by Sport Ident, one chip per team ($3 to hire). Laid back organisation. No entry fee.

About the biking. It's largely on the river trails and quiet roads but we have controls in the willows, and may cross the grass which is soft  at this time of year. You'll be able to do it on a road bike but will have to push for short distances. A MTB is best. Security - we recommend locking pairs of  bikes together at the transitions while you do the foot.

About the parking. We don't want to clog up the limited parking inside the park, so (a) stop TEMPORARILY to offload bikes at the sign "Start" then (b) PARK CLOSELY ON THE LEFT ONLY of the road from the gateway south. Then come inside the park where check-in, briefing and the finish will be. Careful on the road - traffic is light on a Sunday but it is open road and some drivers may assume they are in the country!

Here are the maps. We recommend the "best" setting on your printer. Adventure races sometimes issue only a couple of maps per team, you'll learn more if you have a set of maps each. Think of a way to carry them on your bike.







Contact Details
Michael Wood
04 5662645

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