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SummerNav 13: Western Springs
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Event Date

Thu 22 Feb 2018

5.30 - 6.45pm

Western Springs
Western Springs

No - Manual
Event Location
Stadium Rd, Western Springs
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Event Information

SummerNavs are a fun way to get out into the parks of Auckland,experience the adventure sport of orienteeringpractise map reading and navigationimprove your fitness, and explore areas you may not have visited before.

  • Run, jog, or walk - you set the pace.
  • By yourself, in a team, or as a family.
  • Fun adventure or a competitive challenge and race.

We provide you with:

  • a high quality park orienteering map
  • a selection of preset courses

The challenge: plan and follow your best route to visit the points in correct order, taking the least amount of time.

The race is on! All are welcome to have a go!

  • Individuals, families, and groups
  • Kids, adults, and seniors
  • First timers through to competitive athletes

New to the sport of Orienteering? Check out the Summer Nav Getting Started Guide


SummerNav Fees

Non-member Fees:

Daily Fee$4$8$16
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNav's$40$80$160
New Membership + Season Ticket$45$90$170

Members Fees:

Daily Fee$3$5$10
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNavs$30$50$100

Youth groups:

$30 daily for as many maps as you need. 
Please warn us before bringing a large group. 
Simply call or email us with estimated numbers on each course so
we can prepare enough maps. Thanks!

Green Prescription:

Special rates available.

Payments: We accept cash or cheques onsite. (We do not have onsite credit-card or mobile-eftpos).

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