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The Taranaki Turkey Traverse
The Taranaki Turkey Traverse
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Sat 18 Feb 2023

TBC - see Bulletin two

New Plymouth
New Plymouth

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Event Information

Back after 14 years the Taranaki Turkey Trot with a Twist arrives Saturday 18th Feb 2023
Featuring a choice of 3 long courses.
It is a mass start, but embedded into the courses are a series of short sprints, which will test your legs and resolve.
These will form an additional competition: the TURKEY KING & QUEEN of Sprints.
For the Open grade (Course 1) there will be a $100 prize each for the TURKEY ROYALTY .

ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN - https://entero.co.nz/evento.php?eventName=ttt-2023

Bulletin One available.

Bulletin Two now available

Course details:

Course    Length    EWT            Suggested Grades
1 17km 2.5 hrs M/W Open, M/W 40-59; Very fit, slightly stupid M/W 60-70
2 10km 2 hrs Less Fit M/W 40-59; Fit M/W 60-70
3 8km 1.5 hrs Short anyone; young juniors

For you 60+ athletes, don't be put off by the suggestions, feel free to enter course 1.

Course Description

The course will be one-way with 3 different start locations/times. You will pass along multiple maps, expect about 1.5 km of road running between the maps for course 1.
You may enter as a relay team. There are multiple possible change over points. It will be up to you to self manage when and how often you change over.

The map areas used in the event are:

Map1:  Huatoki. Expect some challenging native bush
Map 2: Pukekura Park: Complex gardens,
Map3: Te Henui walkway. Some tricky steep native stuff here
Map 4: Into WITT/Grave Yard/Girls High. Tricky sprint maps all linked together.
Map 5: Down to East End reserve for an easy finish.

Transport Logistics

The finish is at "Petite Plage", East End Reserve. Go down Nobs Line and follow it around to the left till you get to the skate park.
If you have a shuttle arranged with someone else, you can leave a car here or:
Instead go to your start location (to be published) and park. We will try to work out how to shuttle you back to your cars afterwards.
There will be a clothes drop at the starts.
Don't forget to have some cash at this finish so that you can enjoy a croissant and a cold one.
There will be a toilet at the starts.


Contact Details
Annie Sanderson

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