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TWALK 2008
  • Rogaine

Event Date

Sat 17 May 2008

Secret Location

No - Manual
Event Location
Transport organized from University of Canterbury Christchurch campus.
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Event Information

The Basics

TWALK stands for Twenty-four hour Walk, and is an event similar to a Rogaine. It involves large amounts of orienteering, eating, partying and running around hills in the middle of the night. It is a team's event for the completely social to the ultra competitive. Organised by the Canterbury University Tramping Club, TWALK is one of NZ's longest-running endurance events, held annually for over 40 years.

To begin with your team will be picked up and delivered by bus to a mystery location somewhere in the hills. Maps will be distributed along with cryptic clues as to where the checkpoints are for the first section. Once you have navigated the first section successfully you should have arrived at the Hash House where unlimited food, partying and general mayhem happens for the rest of the twenty-four hours. Your team is welcome to stay and join the party for as long as required (some people have been known to only do section one) or you can embark on the next section.

Each section is approximately 15-25km long and returns to the hash house. Typically these take 5-8hrs and may cover a variety of terrain, including native bush, rolling farmland, limestone country, rivers and occasionally snow.

This continues for the full twenty-four hours, the aim being to find as many checkpoints as possible. At the end of the 24hrs a brief prize giving will be held after which you will be returned home.

As an incomparable test of your endurance, skills, navigation and ability to have fun, TWALK is an event not to be missed.


A checkpoint consists of a small piece of plastic, with a word written on it. So how do you find it? When we give you the maps for each leg, we also give you a sheet of clues. These may be cryptic, they may be descriptive, they may be somewhere in between. Mostly they are just bad puns. The map should pinpoint the location of the checkpoint, the clue will help you find it. It may be hidden, it may be obvious. If you are in the right place, and understand the clue, you should be able to find it (with a bit of hunting around!) When you find it, write down the word on the checkpoint, with the checkpoint number. If you cannot find a clue, you can leave it and move on to the next one.
The Hash House

In between legs (or most of the night) you will be at the hash house. Here you will find plenty of hot food provided, water, toilets, warmth, a party atmosphere, and a lot of very tired people. The hash-house is typically a shearing shed or hall, but occasionally it may be more up-market.

Registration, Rules, Equipment, etc


Contact Details
Alan Williams
03 357 1270

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