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Winter Score #1
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Event Date

Sun 28 Jul 2019

11 am arrival for 11.30 mass start

Te Ahu Mairangi (Tinakori Hill)

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Registration at Stellin Memorial Park. Park on Orangi Kaupapa Rd. Arrive from 10.45 am, and register ahead of the walk to the start at 11.15 am for the mass start at 11.30 am (or individual starts till 11.45).  Maps will be handed out at the start, all planning is in race time.

The Winter Score series will generally have around 20 controls of varying points. Collect as many points as you can in 1 hour.

Parents of younger or inexperienced athletes may wish to accompany them.  The event includes crossings of busy roads and control sites and navigational choices more difficult than a white course.  The good news: we have a category designed specifically for parent and child teams.

There will be 5 categories:

  • 12 and under
  • Young (<13) +old (>13)
  • 18 and under
  • Open
  • Veteran (>55)


Keep out of out of bounds areas, even off tracks that are covered by the OOB marking.

To avoid injury it is recommended you go downhill on wide tracks or slowly and carefully on narrower tracks. Bring capable footwear.

  • Steep and slippery tracks
  • Steep and rooty tracks
  • Steep tracks with slippery roots
  • Steep, slippery and rooty off tracks

There are unmapped tracks and navigational challenges. Less confident runners should stay in groups. If lost, head uphill to the ridgeline track.

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