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Winter Score #3
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Sun 08 Sep 2019

Register by 11 am to walk up for 11.30 mass start

Vicinity of 50 Silverstream Road, Crofton Downs

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The Crows Nest and environs are steep! To take out some of the climb, the start will be some way up the hill. Register from 10.30 am and walk up the hill to the start together at 11.

See safety notes below. Note the need to come equipped for steep and slippery terrain (very good grip), and clothing to deal with the gorse and the weather on exposed terrain.

The Winter Score series will generally have around 20 controls of varying points. Collect as many points as you can in 1 hour.  Arrive from 11 am, and register for the mass start at 11.30 (or individual starts till 11.45).  Maps will be handed out at the start, all planning is in race time.

Parents of younger or inexperienced athletes may wish to accompany them.  The event includes crossings of busy roads and control sites and navigational choices more difficult than a white course.  The good news: we have a category designed specifically for parent and child teams.

There will be 5 categories:

  • 12 and under
  • Young (<13) +old (>13)
  • 18 and under
  • Open
  • Veteran (>55)

Health, safety and hazards

Your choice of controls make take you onto the summit of Crows Nest or along the Skyline Track, so come equipped for the weather conditions on the tops. Also there is lots of gorse, holly, nettle and other prickly plants - so full body cover is recommended. Water and a whistle is also advised.
The terrain is steep and at time slippery. Please make sure your shoes will keep you attached to the ground!


This event is accessible by public transport. Take the JVL line to Crofton Downs Station. Cross Churchill Drive and walk 500m up Silverstream Road.

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Mike O'Connor

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