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The ONZ Mapping Committee needs YOU! - The ONZ Mapping Committee is the body responsible for mapping standards across New Zealand.  Our current convenor, Michael Wood, has announced that he is standing down so we are looking for new members to join the committee to help guide the development of the single most important part of our sport.  Anyone interested in applying or with questions […]
Orienteering NZ Compass Point Compass Point – October 2020 - Member news & views S p o r t Notes from the GM View from the chair Nationals 2020 New Zealand Secondary School Team named Junior O camp What does a Convenor of Selectors do? Temu Rd quiz answer M a p p i n g Mapping committee Bulletin H i g h P e […]
Compass Point - Orienteering New Zeland's Member Newsletter Compass Point – August 2020 - GM’s Foreword Hi all, Welcome to the August issue of Compass Point. Orienteering continues to try and function in difficult times. The escalation of Covid19 levels from the level one we were quickly used to has definitely made things more challenging. Tomorrow [Mon 31 Aug 2020] all of New Zealand will be at level 2 […]
Orienteering NZ Controller Newsletter ONZ Controllers Newsletter – April 2020 - Welcome to the first issue of what I hope will be a regular newsletter keeping you all informed about changes and advancements in the world of orienteering.
Orienteering NZ - Find Your Adventure ONZ Compass Point – February 2020 - In this issue: View from the Chair; Club Spotlight - Hawkes Bay Orienteering; Vote 2020 - A call for ONZ Council Nominations; High Performance News; Mapping Update; Large events that are rapidly looming
Map Training ONZ Compass Point – October 2019 - The latest news update including: View from the Chair; Legends of Orienteering - Robbie; High Performance Update - 2020 Trials dates; Camps update; Club Spotlight; Map Making Course;
Mapping Expressions of Interest Wellington Orienteering – Expression of Interest for Mapping – due Sunday 4 August 2019 - Wellington Orienteering Club is hosting Nationals 2020 and so we are seeking expressions of interest for two new maps. Information on each of these maps is below. Scotts Ferry Extension (PDF 3.7MB) Osgiliath NW (PDF 752KB) Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarah ( otherwise we look forward to receiving your quotes by […]
Orienteering NZ - Find Your Adventure ONZ Compass Point – April 2019 - News Updates for April 2019 - View from the Chair; 2019 AGM and Club Forum Notice; Annual Report 2018; High Performance Update; Have Your Say; In Other News.
Whirokino Mapping Project Wellington Orienteering – Whirokino Mapping expression of interest by 1 March 2019 - Wellington Orienteering Club is seeking expressions of interest for remapping two areas that have not been used for competition in recent years.
Wellington Orienteering – Mapping expression of interest - As part of preparations for the Queen's Birthday orienteering festival, the Wellington Orienteering Club is seeking expressions of interest for remapping two areas that have not been used for competition in recent years.

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Map Papers Waterproof Paper discussion June 2020 - A Paper on Paper (feedback appreciated) Michael Croxford A recent discussion between a group of mappers, event organisers and competitors in New Zealand regarding paper has produced some technical advice for clubs when considering which paper to use for events big and small. The main piece of advice is horses for courses. If you are […]
OMap NZ ONZ Mapping Bulletin – Oct 2020 – Impressive Use of Lidar, Change to Sprint Specification - Summary: We present a “lockdown project” – Cam de L’Isle’s “O-Map of New Zealand”. We discuss the powers and the limitations of Lidar data. We advise ongoing change to the sprint specification. And a Facebook group for NZ mappers. The first section is non-technical. If you’re not a mapper just read as far as you […]
2019 NZOC Orienteering Nationals Nationals2019 – Q+A to Meet the Sprint Mapper, Planner and Controller - Q+A with The Sprint Mapper, Planner, and Controller.
2018 Australian Orienteering Carnival LIDAR Orienteering Mapping Workshop during 2018 Australian Championships carnival in South Australia - Find out the latest in mapping, including case studies in the use of LIDAR, the new mapping specifications and converting old maps to the new mapping specifications. Friday 5 October 2018, No cost, Para Wirra National Park.
nzherald - mapper Insight: Sport is a volunteer’s game (Hawkes Bay Today) - A Hawke's Bay Orienteering club member, Amron has been drawing and constructing maps voluntarily for the past 10 years and for him, volunteers were essential for sport in the region.
ONZMapping-Advice-to-Mappers-2017-preview Orienteeirng NZ Mapping Bulletin 4 – August 23, 2017 - In this edition - introduction of ISOM 2017 and the issues this creates for map management. Includes articles on the introduction of ISOM 2017 and conversions, overprint settings for colours in OCAD, good practice for symbol numbering and the introduction of a possible ISOM 2017 conversion tool.
ONZMapping-Advice-to-Mappers-2017-preview ONZ Mapping Committee – Advice to Mappers for Changes to our Maps - Advice for NZ mappers regarding the changeover to the new IOF ISOM2017 mapping specification for standard orienteering events.
rg-map-sample Orienteering NZ Mapping Bulletin 3 – 17 Nov 2016 - includes: IOF Mapping Commission Vacancy; ONZ Mapping Wiki; LINZ seeks feedback on changes to maps; PAPO is seeking a sand dune mapper.
rg-map-sample Orienteering NZ Mapping Bulletin 2 – 13 July 2016 - includes 17th International Conference on Orienteering Mapping; ONZ Mappers List; OCAD Tips and Traps; Topo Map Extents; Drawing Conventions; Mapping Requests;
rg-map-sample Orienteering NZ Mapping Bulletin 1 – 29 May 2016 - The mapping committee has decided to form a mapping bulletin, which will encompass all orienteering mapping related news in New Zealand.

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