Mountain Bike Orienteering
Mountain Bike Orienteering
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Mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) appeals to both orienteers who like the challenge of navigation and mountain bikers who want to inject a new, fun aspect into their mountain biking.   Route choice is just as important as fast riding.   MTBO often takes place in areas which are not normally access...

NZ MTBO Champs 2016, Rotorua – Eagle vs Shark?

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    Erin Swanson

    Be Rude Not To sample some great MTBing in Rotorua & surrounds as part of 2016 NZ MTBO Champs in November.  New maps, new SPORTident Air+ contactless punching, & qualifies as 1st round of World Masters Series.  Check out website – you’d be Mad If You Don’t.  Take on the Challenge & step up to be a Kung Fu Walrus!

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