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ONZ Website Users
ONZ Website Users
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ONZ Website Users Group is for all users of this site to share tips, provide feedback, and find out more about the developing ONZ website.

OrienteeringNZ website – Suggestions and Feature Requests

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    Roger Woodroofe

    What would you like changed on the OrienteeringNZ website? Tell us your suggestions / requests for improvement here. Any issue reports are also welcome.

    The OrienteeringNZ website initial phase 1 (new site) and phase 2 (events listing) launched in April 2014 followed by a period of bug fixes. We couldn’t include everything in the initial launch. As with any website, ongoing development and improvement is expected. Some things included have taken time to get working correctly.  Thanks to the team of developers for all they have put into the project. And thank you for trying things out, reporting issues, working around the issues, or contributing.

    The OrienteeringNZ website as it is today is a starting point that we can move forward with and develop and modify over time as resources allow.  With many of the initial teething issues and bugs fixed by the team, we can look ahead to continue adding content and plan the next phase(s).

    The events listings focused on establishing a base that can be  improved and features added. Requests for feature enhancements to the events have been received and I welcome other requests to be noted for inclusion.

    New content/material/resources need to be added in many areas of the site. I ask for your help to do this and make the OrienteeringNZ website your resource. The website is designed to allow anyone to add news, blog posts, and events.

    Blog Posts (including text/photos/video) could include all orienteering related posts: – commentary leading up to events, trip reports, team blogs, coaching tips, exercises, techniques, resources, race reviews, local club happenings, commentary and more. (Include a YouTube video by simply pasting the link to the video into your post. There is no delay for a blog post to appear on the site.  Tag posts with relevant tags to group content together).

    What content is missing and needs to be added? What could you add to the site content? What features could be added? We are limited in resources, but working together can turn this site into a great resource. Please tell us here, or email [email protected]


    Anna Robertson

    The website is like a brand new car…
    some of us have taken it for a test drive and are trying to get used to the new features/capabilities,
    some are getting stuck on a problem (like how to I turn the ‘keyless’ car on) and are not pressing on to find a solution,
    others are saying it is too weird, ‘like having the gearstick on the right hand side’and are not wanting to adjust their thinking to adapt to the different way of driving
    a lot of people are leaving the car in the garage to avoid scratching/denting it because it is so new & shiny
    others are reluctant to take it ‘off-road’ to see what the new vehicle is capable of
    and some are even saying “I don’t like it because it is orange not blue!” 😉

    Metaphors aside… I sent the following email (see below) to the webmaster & ONZ earlier this week, to pass on a few of my thoughts:

    “I have a few suggestions/comments I would like to make:
    • Now that the website has been operational for 6 months, would this be a good time to open up for review as to what is working well & what people would like to add, ‘tweak’ or change etc?
    • ONZ consider employing a media person – who would be responsible for feeding news and regular updates onto the site (so that there is a reason for regular viewers to check in on the site daily/weekly)
    eg At the moment the ‘media person’ could be writing brief updates about the current Aussie Champs results.
    • I find the first page of the website quite busy (particularly all the groups) – the new Aussie website is a little more streamlined than ours. Also information is sometimes missed due to having to scroll down to view the whole page. New replies to forums are not very obvious

    Looking at the current Oceania/World Cup job descriptions I see that the one of the new requirements of the role is to provide blogs/reports whilst on tour. This will be great for providing current news for the website, however from my experience the manager’s role is 24/7 and they may not always have the opportunity to write daily blogs, or have access to internet to post or upload photos…so if there was also a person back in NZ that had a media responsibility, they could:
    a. at least upload the results asap or post an email/photos (similar to the administrator posting Malcolm’s WOC 2014 emails)
    b. work with photos/newsfeeds from facebook users (similar to Michael Croxford’s NZ Elite Orienteering page) to make sure there was regular current news on the website
    c. tweaking some photos/reports/layout for NZ team manager’s (as Roger did for me when I didn’t have the skill or time to present them as I wanted)
    d. Add regular features eg ‘orienteer of the month’ about NZ orienteers across the spectrum of ages/abilities (similar to the IOF webpage feature articles)”

    Thank you for opening up this forum for suggestions/feature requests (so suggestion 1 is already sorted!)

    I encourage those who are nervous about ‘getting the new car out of the garage’, to have a go at logging in and contributing your thoughts on the website so we can create the best ‘vehicle’ possible for show-casing our sport.


    Svend Pedersen

    The ONZ Competition Rules for Foot Orienteering (Technical) are incomplete. Appendix 3 is missing(published as a separate document) but where? No link to it. This document is an important part of the rules and should at least have a link to Principles for Course Planning.

    The document states a number of important principles often overlooked by  course planners.




    Jan Harrison

    Hi there.  Good suggestions, Anna, and good analogy with the new car. I too find the homepage rather busy, and am not sure I’ve totally got my head around groups etc. Especially since I am part of a shared “PAPO” login group, and my own personal one.

    I’d be keen to be able to ‘subscribe’ to a news feed or similar that gave me the closing dates for entries to all major events a week or so before the entries close. If it was a file or such like that could sync with an electronic calendar Calendar, that would be awesome!

    I’ve also been tripped up by posting a blog post and tagging it as “News” being different to adding a “News” item which automatically appears on the front page.


    Roger Woodroofe

    Svend Pedersen, The Orienteering NZ Foot-O Rules PDF has been updated.

    Appendix 3 now says: Refer http://orienteering.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Competition-Rules-for-IOF-Foot-Orienteering-Events-2014.pdf Appendix 2

    Appendix 7 Abbreviations for NZ Clubs has been updated to reflect current two character abbreviations for clubs

    Appendix 9 updated 2014 – note added on Rules page to refer to Resources: Event Organisation.



    Michael Wood

    Major event results. The NZ Champs for 2014 have already disappeared off the internet.


    Michael Wood

    I’m on 2.5 specs now so I might have overlooked these, but links to frequently used resources. When I look at what I go to often, they include Winsplits, other forums such as Maptalk and Attackpoint, and if RouteGadget was going properly I’d be there.

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