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So you want to go rogaining!   Rogaining is a mix of navigation, adventure, strategy and fun.   They can be done on foot, MTB, kayaks or skis, depending on where the venue is. In a rogaine you’ll be given a map with marked checkpoints/controls which are given different scores and your challenge ...

Where is the Rogain pre-entry page on the website?

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    Andrew Bridger

    The Wellington Rogain event next Tuesday asks for pre-entry:

    <span style=”color: #f95600; font-size: 15px; font-weight: bold;”>Please enrol at </span>

    I can’t find the page/link that lets me enrol for this event. Anybody know where it is? Probably a good idea to provide the full URL in the event calender.





    OHV Secretary

    The OHV rogaine pre-registration page is still at The confusion has arisen because OHV is phasing out its use of the Maptalk calendar, and this was mistakenly interpreted as phasing out the Wellyrog page hosted by MAPsport.

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