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Welcome to the Schools section. School orienteering in New Zealand is becoming very popular, especially following significant growth in the Hawke’s Bay in the late 1990s and through the 2000s. Orienteering is a great event for all people of schools age – taking people to places they wouldn’t n...

School Champs Grades. Remit from NWOC for AGM2016

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    Rolf Boswell

    With regard Remit 2 in the ONZ AGM Agenda:


    Can I use this forum to ask some background questions on this topic prior to it being discussed by our club committee?

    1: The remit states in the consultation section that this topic has been discussed by ‘ONZ Heads of Committee’s group’. Is this the same as the Junior Development Committee listed on the ONZ Contact list?  Does this means that this Committee have formally (or informally) approved this recommendation?

    2: Has anyone worked out what this proposed format will do to the organisational structure of the event. The current grade/course structure requires the organizing club to set 9 courses for the Long event.  Will this new structure require more or less courses?

    3: The suggested grade table in Remit 2 refers to winning times. Is this intended for the relays as well as the Long race?  Ie does this propose that the Senior winning time for the relay should be  3 x 40 minutes. Ie 2:00 hours?

    4: I am unclear if Sprint orienteering even has different levels of difficulty… but should the Year7/8 Sprint course be any easier than the course for Seniors?  Should ONZ stipulate course difficulty for the Sprint race?

    5: The 2nd to last point in the ‘Reasons to change’ states that Standard grade competitors currently take significantly longer than estimated.  Is this an opinion or has analysis been done to back this up?


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    Mike Beveridge

    In response to your questions.
    1:The Heads of Committee was made up Paul T-S Junior Development, Tom Reynolds Junior Selection Panel, Dwayne Smith Technical, Malcolm Ingham HP Leader, GM NZ Orienteering. I’m assuming the GM,.President and ONZ Council members were also inattendance . So it was formally/informally recommended at that level. It was also discussed at a meeting of coaches and others involved in the junior camp in December with the same formal recommendation. The JDC has also had some discussions on the matter.
    2:The new format will probably require another 2/3 courses consisting mainly of orange and yellow.
    3:The winning times are only for the long not the relays. They stay the same.
    4:There should be a change of difficulty between senior and Yr 7/8. It’s always been up to the discretion of the clubs from what I understand. Seniors should have lots of technical route options whereas Yr 7/8 aren’t as complex but still have some challenge.
    5:It’s been backed up on numerous other occasions particularly in the senior std grades where they are still running a champ course. However in Nelson last year the winning std times weren’t overly long but that was because the Intermediate champ courses weren’t long enough. The winning times on the Intermediate champ courses were well inside the expected winning time. So the std times looked respectable but the champ courses suffered. The std grades would be better on their own course based on their own expected winning time not the expectations of the champs course.


    Mike Beveridge

    You can also add Alan Horn, Nick Hann, Michael Wood to that heads of Committee meeting. Catriona and Paul were there but not the other council members.

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