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Welcome to the Schools section. School orienteering in New Zealand is becoming very popular, especially following significant growth in the Hawke’s Bay in the late 1990s and through the 2000s. Orienteering is a great event for all people of schools age – taking people to places they wouldn’t n...

Schools Online Entries

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    Rolf Boswell

    Are we (as an organisation) mad?

    From what I understand

    The ‘Print-it-out and email/post it in entry form’ of the past was a complete nightmare.

    AOC designed a spreadsheet which was used successfully a couple of times

    NZSS 2014 had an online entry system

    NISS 2015 had an online entry system (different from above)

    HB schools champs (x3) now have an online entry system (different from above)

    NZSS 2015 are now doing the ‘Print-it-out and email/post it in entry form’ which presumably will be a nightmare for the Nelson club.

    Surely there must be a way to streamline this?  I suppose it just takes people with energy to organise it and that has not yet happened!

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    Erin Swanson

    Interesting chat Rolf.  When we did NZSS Rogaine Champs last year I was told we had to have paper entry form but I know now this is not actually a requirement. Agree though – what a waste of time manually maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of all the entries (and the usual changes).  At OBOP we’ve used various entry systems – using Google forms, getting a good rate from a professional event organiser to use their system and now trying to piggy back on a system that Owen Means has developed for North West (personally quite like this).  Wouldn’t it be great if NZOF could own the development of a system that all the clubs could use that had the flexibility to meet various requirements.  This would be great as the scale would justify hooking into a proper gateway to allow card payments etc. where appropriate  (i.e. we can’t justify cost at OBOP to have PayPal account).  Happy to share more ideas if would help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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