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Cancelling a competition – from NZSS

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    Rolf Boswell

    I was interested to read Michael Croxford’s comments in his impressive report after some problems at NZSS Relay 2015.

    Early in this report he says:

    No written complaint was made in accordance with Rule 27.3 of the Orienteering New Zealand’s “Competition Rules for New Zealand Foot Orienteering Events” which requires complaints to be in writing to the Controller within 60 minutes of the affected competitor finishing. According to the Orienteering New Zealand competition rules the results therefore should stand.

    This does indeed match NZOF rules which seem to apply that unless someone complains (in writing) then the results stand.

    However when I was event Co-ordinator at an event last year I did some research into this to understand how this all worked. The IOF rules about cancelling a competition clearly state that an organiser MUST void a race if circumstances have arisen which make the race significantly unfair. Check out this really helpful report

    I am not passing opinion on the recent NZSS as I didn’t have the motivation to understand all the details.

    My point is that a Controller can void a competition regardless of whether there is a complaint.

    I think that most people think that if there is ANY unfairness in a race, then it should be void.  This article gives great examples that in actual fact, this is not correct and only SIGNIFICANT unfairness should void the race. If a minority of runners get an unfair deal, then it is acceptable for the race result to stand.

    I presume the NZOF rules are secondary to the IOF guidelines on this issue.

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