National Orienteering League

The NOL is contested in M/W21E (open men’s/women’s) and in M/W17-20E (under 21 men’s/women’s) grades at nominated events. Points are awarded based on time behind the winner in each event.

  • There is only one NOL table for men, and one for women
  • 21E get points based on 100 for the winner of a race (as at present)
  • 20E get points based on 80 for the winner unless 20E is on the same course as 21E when they get points based on 100 for the combined winner
  • 18A, 20A, 21W get points based on 60 for the winner. If any of these classes are on the same course (e.g. 20A and 21A) the points get calculated on the combined winner
  • M/W35 and 40 will also be awarded points.
  • At the end of the NOL there will be winners in 21E, 20E and “Sport” classes in terms of position on the overall table
  • For 2022-3 the total score is based on the best 4 scores from ONZ and KB combined plus the best 3 others

The links to the current leader boards are:

Men’s NOL

Women’s NOL