National Orienteering League

The NOL (previously known as the SuperSeries, started in 2002 by the National Squad) provides more high performance competition within New Zealand.

The NOL is a point based competition based on results in designated events in the following grades:

  • Senior Men (M21E)
  • Senior Women (W21E)
  • Junior Men (M17-M20E)
  • Junior Women (W17-W20E)

The 2022 competition consists of the following events

Round 1: not-Oceania Championships (January 10,11,13) – sprint, middle, long

Round 2: JWOC Trials (March 26,27) – middle, long

Round 3: ONZ Champs (April 16,17) – middle, long

Round 4: Queen’s Birthday (June 4,5,6) – middle, long, middle

Round 5: Matariki Weekend (June 24,25,26) – sprint, middle, long

Of these 13 races the best 8 scores will count. Scores are based on 100 points for the winner and 100*winner’s time/own time for others. Scores in Senior and Junior competitions are calculated separately.

Running scores are shown in the panels below.