National Sprint League

The NSL was new in 2022 and is aimed at increasing New Zealand’s competitiveness and preparedness for sprint racing as WOC moves to a sprint only WOC in even years from this year.

Scoring in the individual sprints is based on 100 points for the winner in M/W and points for others scaled according to time. For KO sprints the calculation is more complex but roughly follows that adopted by the IOF for WRE KO races.

The 2022/33 competition consists of the following events:

  • 2022 SI Champs Sprint (Geraldine)
  • Southern O Week (Lincoln): individual sprint and KO sprint
  • Katoa PO weekend (Taupo): 2 individual sprints
  • Easter (Palmerston North): individual sprint
  • King’s Birthday (Hamilton): individual sprint
  • ONZ Champs Sprint (Hastings)

Final score will be based on the best 5 individual sprints + the KO.

Leader boards are: