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ONZ High Performance News #104 – August 2023

03 Sep 2023 By Malcolm Ingham
August began with the second round of the IOF World Cup in Czechia. Following on only a couple of weeks after WOC, this saw the best sprint relay result that NZL has ever achieved, another podium finish for Tim Robertson, and some other solid performances. There is now a bit of a gap in the […]. Read More...

World Cup 2023  |  Czechia round 2

01 Sep 2023 By Christo Peters
Coming off the amazing JWOC and WOC weeks, it’s clear New Zealand orienteering is in a very exciting place right now. The World cup area was an area many had aspired to run in, from the complex city streets to the karst rock. We had a dream team of eight athletes (plus chef Patrick) with […]. Read More...

Oceania Sprint Champs 2024  |  Ready for action

01 Sep 2023 By Christo Peters
Entries for the Oceania Sprint Orienteering Championships which are to be held in New Plymouth and Auckland in January 2024 have opened and we now have a few early entries. There are 2 Oceania events in New Plymouth and one in Auckland along with 5 supporting events open to the elite and the public. Notable […]. Read More...

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View from the chair – August 2023

01 Sep 2023 By Christo Peters
It has been a super exciting month with many orienteers competing overseas (so many I started to wonder if anyone was left in NZ!), and some great results by a number of elite, junior, and age grade orienteers – all covered in detail elsewhere in this compass point, so won’t detail here other than to […]

Orienfearing |  Southland terror terrain

01 Sep 2023 By Christo Peters
“They hovered silently at the track edge, staring intently into your soul as if waiting to take you into the underworld. One of them lurked behind the control and drifted slowly like the morbid undead towards you as you approached, making you race to dib your stick and be gone before she got there first and […]

Swiss O Week |  Junior males take the podium

01 Sep 2023 By Christo Peters
A late report from an event in July in between the big competitions. The official number of participants in the Swiss O Week 2023 is 4,683 people, with up to 40 countries represented.  We were all given a huge paperback handbook with176 pages of information for a 6 day event! The transport was amazing from the buses around Flims […]
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