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2023 JWOC Team named
By Christo Peters - Mon 17 Apr 2023 1:21am

The Orienteering New Zealand Senior Selection Panel have named the following team to attend the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Romania. The JWOC coach and manager will be announced following the Council meeting on Thursday 20th April.


Nathan Borton (Auckland)

Riley Croxford (Nelson)

Zefa Fa’avae (Nelson)

Felix Hunt (Canterbury)

Ryan Moore (Canterbury)

Fergus O’Neill (Canterbury)

Reserve: Alex Jobbins (Auckland)


Anna Babington (Canterbury)

Katherine Babington (Canterbury)

Rachel Baker (Wellington)

Kaia Jørgensen (Canterbury)

Penelope Salmon (Auckland)

Zara Stewart (Auckland)

Reserve: Molly McGowan (Auckland)

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