2024 Southern Cross Teams Named
By Christo Peters - Tue 25 Jun 2024 7:16am
2024 Southern Cross Teams Named

Update (25 June 8:50pm) William Wood added as Senior Boys Reserve 2

Update (25th June 4:39pm) Tahi Harris has officially withdrawn from the team and Thomas Potts has been added to the Harua team in his place.

The ONZ selection panel has named this year’s teams to contest the Southern Cross Team in Australia:


Senior Boys: Oscar Burns, Cody Carter, Jake McLellan, Blake McKinnon, Solomon Randerson

Senior Girls: Anna Babington, Phoebe Hunt, Alicia McGivern, Amy Nicoll, Nika Rayward

Junior Boys: Harley Brennan (Subject to fitness), Arya Chebbi, Micah Dunn, Charlie Milne, Evan Rees-Jones

Junior Girls: Elena Burns, Cerys Findlow, Sophie Herde, Greta Prince, Victoria Underwood


Senior Boys: Sam Carryer, Matthew Greenwood, Thomas Potts, Eddie Swain, James Wright

Senior Girls: Tide Fa’avae, Juliet Freeman, Georgia Lindroos, Lani Murray, Alison Power

Junior Boys: Jakob Abernethy, Zack Meads, Isaac Stewart, Jack Trowsdale, Xavier White

Junior Girls: Maggie Bauzon, Jemima Hoskin, Torun Joergensen, Alees Nicholson, Anna Wright


Senior Boys: R1 Finn Van Keulen, R2 William Wood

Senior Girls: R1Anna Batcheler, R2 Niamh Hoare

Junior Boys: R1 Nicholas Freeman, R2 Sam Cook

Junior Girls: R1 Audrey Austin, R2 Dora Slavich

Southern Cross teams fall under event eligibility rules which specify that students must be in year 9-13 (NZ equivalent). Selectors were aware of one student in year 8 that attended trials and was not selected due to this criteria. Team selections are subject to the ONZ Appeals Policy Under this policy selections are not finalised until at least 5 days after the publishing of the selections. If there are any questions surrounding selections, please contact our Junior Selection Panel Convenor in the first instance within 48hrs of the team being posted on the ONZ website.

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