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5 NZ athletes in WOC Sprint Final
By Joolz - Fri 1 Jul 2022 2:54am

In relation to New Zealand sport this is like Japan challenging South Africa in a rugby final.

IOF LIVE commentator Jonas Merz mentions Tim Robertson as a favourite in the men’s individual sprint competition. Tim is in amazing form and his world ranking is phenomenal for New Zealand Sport.

Exciting news from Vijle in Denmark as Tim Robertson, Joseph Lynch, Tommy Hayes, Penelope Salmon and Laura Robertson have made the sprint final. Tim and Penelope cruised through to second place in their respective heats. Joseph after some small errors was comfortable in 10th place in his heat. Both Tommy and Laura squeaked in in last qualification place! Nevertheless, this will be the largest representation ever for NZL in a World Orienteering Championship sprint final.Final start times (NZT time) are: Tommy 3.51 am, Joseph 4.08 am, Tim 4.33 am, Laura 4.53 am, Penelope 5.30 am.

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