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By Joolz - Tue 13 Dec 2022 9:23pm

Combining orienteering training with an athletics event proved to be a big success for the under 23 camp. Many are keen to keep this going, and build a culture with a local athletics club with another camp in the future. It is a also technique used in European cities as there are often combined sports clubs where different sport disciplines train together for motivation, to get sharper, and faster.

Kieran Woods¬†enthusiasm has helped kick off the 5000PB challenge, and Neill McGowan, as president of the Auckland Orienteering Club is keen for the collaboration to continue. They plan to thoroughly map the area around the athletics park and to run entry level grid courses for young athletics kids so they can try running with a map. Neill says “it is a way to give young children a go and introduce the sport to them.”

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