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Calling for applications for ONZ Council
By Christo Peters - Sat 29 Jan 2022 8:23pm

ONZ’s constitution necessitates that two Council positions are up for election each year.  We welcome all applications for new members to join Council. This year ONZ Chair Peter Swanson (OBOP) and Marquita Gelderman (NW) have both finished their three-year term on Council.  Both candidates are eligible to be nominated for a second term should they choose to do so, but have not indicated their intent to do so.

Applications for these positions are now open.  For more details on the process and to download the application form click here.

Below is the time frame and process for appointing new Council Members:

2022 Council Election Process

29 January ONZ Council Vacancies – applications open. Applications (not nominations) may be received from any current financial member of an ONZ Club. Clubs are not required to endorse any application.
28 February  Applications Close
by 6 March Applicants information forwarded to Clubs and posted on the ONZ website if there are more applicants that positions.
6 March  Vote Opens

We will use the online survey tool SurveyMonkey. An email will be sent to each Club Secretary with the link to the voting form. Only 1 vote per Club (weighted according to 2021 club membership numbers). The successful candidates will be those with the highest number of votes. Note that if the number of applicants received match the number of council positions, clubs will be advised that there will be no need to vote (this was the case in 2021).
3 April  Vote Closes

A copy of the ONZ Council application form can be found here.

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