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Orienteering NZ Compass Point – March 2017
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Fri 31 Mar 2017 11:45pm
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What’s in this Issue:

  • View from the Chair
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting – Venue Details
  • ONZ Council Update
  • IOF Event Advisors Clinic – Reminder
  • Oceania & Auckland World Masters Games
  • High Performance Update

View from the Chair

“Cometh the hour” – So after all the hard yards and hours of meticulous planning, we are about to witness and experience the largest gathering of orienteers within Australasia during the last two weeks of April as Oceania unfolds followed by Middle Earth events at Rotorua and finally the World Masters Orienteering Championship within the Auckland World Masters Games spectacle.

So whilst there may be a few sleepless nights for OOC members prior to the events, we are all confident that the level of planning, organisation and commitment will produce a memorable occasion and series of events. Therefore let me offer my sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of all ONZ members prior to the events to all involved with the planning and now delivery of these major events.

Hosting the above events provides the opportunity to meet with IOF officials and also our counterparts from Orienteering Australia and I’m looking forward to a series of fruitful meetings and discussions as we endeavour to strengthen relationships and work towards some mutual outcomes.

This time of year is also a busy period for Council as we prepare for the AGM to be held after the Oceania Sprint. The Annual Report is becoming quite a “work of art” with reports from myself, the GM, Performance Leader and all the various committees, team managers reports, financial papers and statistics showing the health of our sport through membership and participation data.

After a long consultation process, I am happy to report that Council approved Policies G1 Selection Policy and G6 International Team Funding at their March meeting. Policy G1 has seen a table introduced as an addendum to the policy which elaborates on selection and eligibility criteria relating to selections of the various NZ representative teams. Policy G6 has been revised to include a stipulation that athletes and/or parents will be sent a summary of accounts from involvement in major events as soon as is practically possible and also that the review and findings of the athlete contribution fee every second year will be made publically available. These changes reflect the views received from members and club feedback and we feel will go a long way to dealing with any previous uncertainties.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at Oceania and beyond.

David Turner
Chairperson ONZ Council

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Orienteering NZ Annual General Meeting for 2017 will be held on Friday 14 April at the conclusion of the Oceania Championship Sprint Event.

AGM Venue Update

Unitec Campus
Building 023
Room 1009
5pm approx

ONZ Appointments & Vacancies

The following vacancies are currently being advertised on the ONZ website:

  • Media Advisor

Full position descriptions for all these roles are available on the Orienteering NZ website.

Upcoming Events

For more events check out the Orienteering NZ website

Orienteering NZ logoONZ Council Update

At the last Council meeting it was agreed a summary of the key outcomes of the Council meetings would be published in Compass Point.  While many of the outcomes have been outlined in the past, they have not been explicitly detailed as a Council Update.  So, to ensure everyone knows whats been decided, this new section has been added.

Policy Updates

  • G1 – Selection Policy has been updated and now includes an appendix which outlines International Team Selection Principles and Criteria.
  • G6 – International Team Funding was updated.

Both these policy updates have taken a bit longer than expected, but the Council has taken time to consider feedback from the consultation process and add further information for clarity.  These Policies are now on the ONZ website.

Rules Update

The NZ Rogaine rules have been updated.  These are joint rules between ONZ and NZ Rogaine Assocation.  These are now published on the ONZ website.

2017-18 Business Plan

The 2017-18 Business Plan was finalised and will now guide the direction of the work of ONZ and committees for the next year.

General Manager

We are pleased to have Catriona agree to continue in her role as General Manager for another 2 years.


IOFIOF Event Advisors Clinic – Reminder

28 April 2017 in Auckland

Invitation and Entry Form: http://orienteering.org/foot-orienteering/event-advising/clinics/


Oceania + World Masters Orienteering Championships - Auckland 2017

With nearly 1750 orienteers have signed up the World Masters Orienteering Championships and Oceania and Middle Earth having just as many registered, this Orienteering Carnival is the BIGGEST ever seen in New Zealand.

Congratulations to the OOC, mappers, controllers, planners, volunteers and partners who have made this all possible.  Its only two short weeks before this extravaganza kicks off, so we know everyone is very busy.

AWMG Bulletin 2  (PDF 4MB) is now published

High Performance Update

A couple of incidents in the last little while set me thinking about professionalism in sport. To most people this probably means getting payed for what you do. Surely then, to orienteering, where even in Scandinavia the number of people who fall anywhere near this category can probably be counted on one hand, it has no relevance. However, I think of professionalism in a wider context. Last year the All Whites coach Anthony Hudson made headlines when he voiced his opinion that many aspiring young footballers were assuming that talent enough would see them achieve their ambitions and were not adopting a lifestyle that would go a long way to helping them do so. The same applies to orienteering – talent alone is not enough. Hard work, a sensible lifestyle, and the willingness to listen and learn, in short, being “professional” in one’s approach to sport are necessary. I will emphasise straight out that this does not mean putting all other aspects of life on hold. What it does mean is building the sport into the fabric of your lifestyle so that it is benefited, and not hindered, by everything else. Professionalism is what High Performance sport is about whether you are paid for it or not. As HP leader I can help create the structures, but it takes two to tango…

To read more from Malcolm check out the latest HP Newsletter

SuperSeries 2017

The 2017 SuperSeries will consist of four rounds.

  1. April 14-16 (ONZ Champs) – Auckland
  2. June 3-5 (Queen’s Birthday) – Christchurch

Team Selections

If you haven’t caught up with the team selections, we’ve named a few teams over the last 2 weeks, congratulations to all those selected.  Click competition name to see who has been selected.

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