Compass Point – October 2021
By Christo Peters - Sun 31 Oct 2021 10:31pm
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Note from the GM

After nearly seven years of service, ONZ Event Liaison Officer Russell Higham is retiring from his post at ONZ. In this issue we ask the orienteering community for help finding his replacement. At the same time we advertise for a fixed term marketing, communications and promotions advisor to help promote and grow our sport.

Under Sports People we share an interview with our top female orienteer, Lizzie Ingham. We also look at whether or not vaccinations will become mandatory in orienteering and sadly have to share the official cancellation of this year’s junior camp.

Ngā Mihi

Christo Peters | ONZ General Manager
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View from the chair

As I write this the Prime Minister has just been announcing the new traffic light system which will come into play once the country hits the 90% vaccination threshold. It is exciting to think that this system offers us the chance to work, socialise, play, and re-connect with people whilst living with Covid in the population.

For about 18 months we have generally been pretty lucky in New Zealand in terms of going about our lives, and for orienteering, whilst there has been disruption, we have also more often than not been free to continue with the sport we love. That is until Delta came along, and this latest lockdown that came into effect in August has highlighted that we can no longer eliminate Covid from our community. These latest restrictions have been tough, and I would especially like to acknowledge our Auckland, and more recently Waikato and Northland members, who have carried the greatest burden. We know it has been hard on you, and in simple terms we miss you! A sentiment very much expressed by the Tuaraki/Northern Regional Champs organising team when we recently met to postpone the champs to February. Continue reading…


Junior Camp has been cancelled

2021 Junior Camp has been cancelled. Regional Camps set to take its place

Earlier this year ONZ had high hopes of holding another successful Junior Camp. Initial discussions with hosts Wellington identified maps, transport, accommodation and catering and things seemed well on the way. Since the delta outbreak things have become more and more challenging and camp organisation has felt more like a game of guess and check. Continue reading…

High Performance Update

With lockdowns continuing to varying degrees around the country September has been another difficult month. With doubt now on not only the Oceania Championships but also the Northern Championships it has been difficult to keep motivation up, especially for those stuck in Level 3. Nevertheless, the world goes on around us and planning continues on a variety of fronts. The major item here is the announced increased focus on international performance in sprints, but there is also JWOC to report on, and the final round of the World Cup currently under way Continue reading…

ONZ needs a new event liaison officer

ONZ needs a new Events Liaison Officer!

After seven years of service ONZ is sad to say goodbye to our existing Events Liaison Officer who is retiring. The full job description can be found on the ONZ website.

Applications should be sent to by Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Fixed Term Marketing Role

ONZ is looking for a Marketing, Communications and Promotion Advisor to champion a number of targeted areas identified in our business plan. A full job description can be found on the ONZ website.

Applications should be sent to by Monday 15th November 2021.

Will Covid-19 vacinations become mandatory for orienteering?

Will vaccinations become mandatory for orienteering?

The current situation

A number of clubs and individuals have approached ONZ wanting to know our policy on mandatory vaccinations. The issue was thrust into the limelight with government’s recent announcements on compulsory vaccinations for parts of the education and health sectors. Continue reading…

Sports People


An interview with our top female orienteer Lizzie Ingham

In the August edition of NZ Life and Leisure, journalist Heather Kidd interviewed ONZ’s top female orienteer, Lizzie Ingham. Thank you to Heather for allowing us to share this article.

…Lizzie Ingham was just three days old when she attended her first event. Her proud parents, seasoned orienteers Gillian (a New Zealand representative) and Malcolm, stopped off at their Wellington club on the way home from the hospital where their daughter was born to show off the new arrival. Lizzie took up the sport seven years later, making it a family affair with her parents and big brother Chris. Click here to read the full article.


Club Forum - volunteers: the heart of our sport - Orienteering NZ

Club Forum – Volunteers the heart of our sport

It was great to see everyone at Tuesday’s Club Forum. We had 13 of our 17 clubs represented as well as a number of ONZ committees, staff and Council members. Thank you to Tom Reynolds who has led the ONZ Volunteer project and this year’s Forum.

We welcome any feedback you have about the forum and/or any resources you feel could be shared. I have also attached the attachment originally circulated with the meeting link.

A couple of key points that stood out for us as organisers:

  • There is range of opinions from different Clubs. It is likely that these perspectives are influenced by where clubs sit in the club life-cycle.. Continue reading…

Tūāraki North Regional Champs Now 12-13 February 2022!

Tūāraki North Regional Champs Postponed until 12-13 February 2022

Given the current Covid19 situation, Orienteering Bay of Plenty and Taupo Orienteering Club have decided to postpone the Tūāraki North Regional Champs at Labour Weekend 2021.

Read on…

ONZ Updates

What is your national Council up to?

At the October ONZ Council meeting, Council approved the appointment of Keiran Wood to train the coaches at this year’s Junior Camp. A new Tribe platform was promoted by ONZ Training Co-ordinator Gene Beveridge and Council agreed it was worth trialing.Council agreed to the scope of both the permanent Event Liaison position and the 6-month marketing role.

The GM also updated Council on the funding proposal submitted to HPSNZ. The GM shared the proposed budget and informed council of the application process. Council were happy with what had been submitted.

All approved ONZ minutes can be accessed here.

How can we help? Me pēhea mātou e āwhina ai?

If you have a particular topic you are looking for on orienteering? Try browsing the search function on the ONZ website or search for an area under news and views in the main menu at the top of the page – you may find what you need. If you have an enquiry about the sport, do get in touch via any of our media below or email us here

Happy orienteering! Editorial deadline:

We love to read about all kinds of navigation events from every corner of NZ. We are keen for news and updates from places we cannot get to. So do share your passion with photos, events, links, and info about your club. Send something in by the 20th day of the month so it can be published at the end of the month


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