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Dates | President’s and club forums
By Christo Peters - Mon 3 Oct 2022 9:37pm

Council have decided to push back the dates of both the President and Club Forums to the following: 

  • Presidents forum – will now be hosted on Wednesday 12th October (this was originally the date for the Club Forum).
  • Club forum – will now be hosted on Thursday 24th November

We are aware that a number of people couldn’t make it to the Presidents forum, so are hoping the new date will allow more numbers to attend. Given a number of people were away in Australia during late Sep and early Oct, it made sense to push this out 4 weeks and use the Oct date we had previously set for the Club Forum. We also wanted to allow plenty of time between the Presidents and Club forum, to allow time for club leaders to share some of the content out of the Presidents Forum with their committees. This year we are keen to explore the topic of financial health in the sport, which will include looking at it from both ONZ and Club perspectives.

ONZ will be traversing a number of aspects relating to this, including what financial health looks like for both Clubs and ONZ, how we compare to other sports, considerations and options around levies and other revenue sources for ONZ, entry fee models, and a review of ONZ rule/s which influence how we set entry fees. We will also be looking at the future of the sport and how we could accommodate commercial operators. The intent is that we share information on this at the Presidents Forum which can then be shared with Club committees, and then the outcomes from this will help inform the discussion at the Club Forum. 

We hope this new set of dates works better for people, and look forward to the discussions in October and November. Could attendees please RSVP to gm@orienteering.org.nz about their availability to both forums. 

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