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Draft Strategic & Business Plan Feedback
By Christo Peters - Wed 23 Dec 2020 11:34pm


The Strategic Plan takes a long term (4 year) view of the strategic priorities for ONZ and the sport. The plan is underpinned by the interests of clubs and members with an eye on what is best for the sport of orienteering long term. The Council has undertaken this initial draft version using information gained from member surveys, and interactions with clubs and members, and the intent is that this draft version provides the basis on which people can provide feedback that will strengthen and complete the plan.

Whilst the strategic plan provides the long term view, the business plan identifies the immediate next year priorities for ONZ. As such the objectives in the Strategic Plan are written at a higher level, signalling broader areas of priority and intent, whereas the Business Plan is written with much more specificity and identifies outcomes to be achieved in the next year. This is written purposely in this way, and allows ONZ to refine specific outcomes and priorities, as they relate to the broader strategic objectives, on an annual basis. Done correctly, this will ensure ONZ balances longer term ambitions, with short term deliverables which are constantly reviewed on an annual basis to ensure focus remains relevant and up to date with the realities of the environment the sport operates in. No sport, and no industry, is immune to change, and it is important we adapt and evolve, whilst not losing sight of the longer term goals that will ensure our sport thrives and is healthy.


All members, clubs, ONZ committees and role holders, and other stakeholders are invited to feedback on the Strategic Plan and Business Plan.

Please read through the plans, outlined below, and provide feedback, specifically;

  1. What you agree with – in particular which are the high priority items you most agree with
  2. What you would change, or what you don’t understand – parts of the plan that could be adapted, refined, or explained better
  3. What is missing – anything not identified which should be in the plan

A downloadable copy of this document can be found here

All feedback is to be sent to gm@orienteering.org.nz by January 31st 2021.

Next steps

  • All feedback returned by January 31st 2021
  • Council reviews feedback and updates plan February 2021
  • Council approves plan and budget, ready to implement March 2021


Our Vision

To enrich lives through the fun, adventure, challenge, achievement, and community that orienteering provides

Responsibilities of Orienteering New Zealand

Our mission is to see orienteering enjoyed as a “sport for life” by New Zealanders of all ages and abilities, through enabling clubs to thrive, events to flourish, and where people can find their own sense of adventure, aspiration, community, and fun

We do this by:

  • Promoting the sport at a national level which strengthens the brand of orienteering in NZ
  • Building club capability through the provision of resources, knowledge, training, and advice
  • Setting, promoting, and embedding the rules and quality standards which underpin the sport and form the foundation for fair and high quality orienteering events and competition
  • Developing systems and processes that make it easy for people to manage, administer, and participate in orienteering
  • Coordinating the allocation and promotion of major events in the national Calendar, and international events happening on NZ soil
  • Selecting, coaching, managing and supporting New Zealand teams on the world stage
  • Facilitating development pathways and training resources which enable athlete performance at Junior, Elite, and Age Grade levels
  • Forging relationships and connections with key stakeholders which strengthen orienteering in NZ
  • Leading and facilitating progress with clubs on strategic issues of national importance
  • Being socially responsible, and promoting good practices that benefit the community at large, including environmental sustainability, inclusiveness, and a greater awareness of Kaupapa Maori principles.
  • Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of participants involved at all levels of the sport
  • Listening to members and providing effective governance that represents their interests, and the health of the sport overall

Our Culture

Our values express the essence of the sport, what has made us successful and what will support success going forwards. We are proudly unique, with a strong culture that shapes the orienteering experience. Our club rooms are the outdoors; the parks, reserves, farms, forests, and urban areas that events happen in, and which influences a down to earth, authentic, fun and adventurous vibe.  

These core values are at the heart of what makes orienteering special and unique:

  • Community – volunteering, collaborative, greater good, welcoming, inclusive, family/whanau, relationships
  • Encouragement – supporting, empowering, positive, growing, sharing, learning
  • Achievement  – fun, excitement, solving problems, sense of adventure, striving, making things happen, confidence building, competition
  • Wellbeing – outdoors, physical and mental health, positive sense of achievement, social connection
  • Quality – excellence, technical skills, fairness, accuracy, systems and processes, great participant experience, learning/adapting, value

Our Strategic Priorities 2021-25


The business plan priorities link to the strategic plan objectives, and will be set annually by the Council, following consultation with Clubs, Members, and ONZ committees and role holders.

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