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Easter 4 days
By Christo Peters - Wed 3 May 2023 11:41pm

Our Easter 4-Day Orienteering event in Waitārere is over—but what a great time we had on challenging, technical courses, under a golden sun and blue skies!

Red Kiwis’ Good Friday sprint around two Palmerston North schools offered some excellent route choices on running legs. Orienteering Hutt Valley’s ‘Watchtower’ event was on a complex map with large dunes but dense pines, so using contour features to navigate was critical. The long event on the Hydrabad map provided excellent opportunities to navigate through more open pine forest but with fewer distinctive features. The weekend finished with Red Kiwis’ event on the Whirokino map, which provided quick-fire orienteering, some undergrowth to manage under the pines, and the inevitable collection of dune-land fine contour detail and depressions.

We are really grateful to all the planners, controllers and volunteers who chipped in to make this event a stellar success at such short notice. 

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