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Embargo Notice for NZOC April 2023
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 21 Dec 2022 8:18pm
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The New Zealand Orienteering Championships 2023 will be held Friday 7th April 2023 to Monday 10th April 2023 in Hastings and Elsthorpe, hosted by Hawkes Bay Orienteering Club. (Plus a knock out Sprint Tuesday 11th April 2023). Bulletin One will be published as soon as possible.

This embargo applies to all New Zealand Orienteering Championship 2023 events. Anyone found breaking this embargo or intentionally trying to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified from competing or coaching at the relevant event.

Long Embargo

The area of Edenham Station, 302 Atua Rd, Elsthorpe, is now out-of-bounds until after the competition.

Long Embargo

Sprint Area Embargo

Areas now embargoed include the urban block of Windsor Park, including Splash Planet plus Karamu High School.

Sprint Embargo

Middle And Relay Embargo

The entire Paeroa Station, 89 Kokatewai Rd, Elsthorpe,  is now out-of-bounds until the after 11th April 2023.

Middle and Relay Embargo

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