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Embargo notice | JWOC Trials 16 & 17 March 2024
By Joolz - Wed 11 Oct 2023 6:29pm

Auckland Orienteering Club (AOC) is hosting the trial middle race (Riverhead) on Saturday 16 March and North West Orienteering Club (NWOC) is hosting the trial long race (South Head/Woodhill) on Sunday 17 March. Public races will be held on both days following the JWOC race starts.
Read JWOC2024 selection notice
The following embargoes apply to competition areas. An embargo is a restriction, which prevents athletes accessing a competition area prior to the competition taking place. Anyone breaching these embargoes risks disqualification. The embargoes apply from now (29 September 2023) until the competition weekend.
Riverhead Forest – Robinson Road map
All areas to the west / north west of Robinson and Sergeant Roads.

South Head / Woodhill Forest
Hedley Farm map, western portion of Slater Road map, eastern portion of Hucks Ave map and eastern portion of Hedley Dunes map.

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