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By Christo Peters - Thu 3 Nov 2022 12:09am

In direct response to our survey earlier this year, it was clear that we can offer more information in advance for the Katoa Po weekend. The 2023 Katoa Po and explorer weekend in Taupō  is going to be a blockbuster!  Katoa Po night relay and Explorer have included a wide variety of terrain with typical Taupō farmland as well as Pine, Eucalypt and even Mānuka forest. The programme ensures a full weekend of orienteering that should satisfy the most ardent orienteer suit all skill levels from beginner to the elite round in the 2023 National League Sprint series.

The venue and camping area for the night relay is close to the town – less than a 10minute drive. The sprint events will be in the town on local park terrain.

The programme:

Saturday 11th March

  • First NSL sprint start ~3pm
  • Ddusk start of 43 rd Katoa Po Night Relay
  • 8:30pm start of 3rd Katoa Po Explorer Night Rogaine

Sunday 12th March

  • 9am start of Katoa Po Explorer Daylight Rogaine
  • 9.30am start of 90 minute post relay Rogaine
  • Second NSL sprint start ~12.30 pm

About the event

Katoa Po is te reo for “all night” and the event is the annual interclub night relay hosted by the Taupō  Orienteering Club. The first relay was held at the end of January 1981 but nowadays is usually in March when dusk is earlier but the weather still generally good. Teams are made up of seven members, of mixed ages and abilities who contest for the Owl trophy or five members who compete in the first five legs for the Po Kerukeru trophy. The legs are designed so that all ages, and all levels of fitness and abilities are catered for. The rules and details of how club teams are put together will be advised in a future Bulletin.

The Katoa Po Explorer is a teams event that has been designed for adventure racers wanting to practise their night navigation and teamwork. This event will comprise a three hour rogaine on Saturday night and a 90 minute rogaine on Sunday morning for teams of two or four. The course has been designed by experienced adventure racers, but will be set for a range of abilities, from beginners to expert. Secondary School teams have found this event to be an excellent navigation team exercise.

The National Sprint League sprints will have 2 courses for Men and Women open and a shorter third course to suit a wider range of orienteers.

Planners and controllers are very experienced, so you can be sure of great courses. We expect that each club will have an enthusiastic relay liaison person who would be willing to publicise and arrange the club teams for the night relay. Entries will be available. via the EnterO website.  
Checkout updates on our website here

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