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By Joolz - Thu 30 Jun 2022 3:35pm

Great to see all the team finally all together at last with Laura joining for the sprint qual! Wishing you all lots of luck and energy, but especially Lizzie after knocking off Covid 🦠🚀

And a big welcome to Laura Robertson

Send your welcome to the final NZ WOC team member. The bar has been raised a bit by the bro.
World Orienteering Championship NZ Athlete profile | Laura Robertson

1. Number of WOC’s previously attended: 4 – Scotland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia

2. Place of birth: Lower Hutt

3. Member of what NZ Club: Hutt Valley

4. Favourite type of O terrain: Czech sandstone

5. Best O event ever (can be any) and why? Swiss O Week 2014 in Zermatt – running over snow and alpine meadows below the Matterhorn

6. What are you most grateful for? My visa arriving this morning so that I could make it to Denmark in time for the Individual Sprint!

7. What’s your definition of success? Pushing hard to meet a goal, no matter the setbacks along the way.

8. What would you want to see happen for the sport of orienteering if nothing stood in the way? Better recognition of NZ’s amazing results by the NZ media

Start times to watch our athletes are (NZ times) :

Gene 7.34 pm (Heat A)

Tim 7:45 pm (Heat C)

Joseph 7:48 pm (Heat B)

Tommy 7:54 pm (Heat C)

Imogene 8:17 pm (Heat A)

Lizzie 8:21 pm (Heat B)

Penelope 8:35 pm (Heat A)

Laura 8:39 pm (Heat C)

WOC first knockout qual 📷 photos by Kell Sønnichsen


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