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Interested in becoming a Controller?
By Christo Peters - Wed 30 Jun 2021 12:17am
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Is your club short of A or B level controllers?  Perhaps you have helped with the planning or controlling of local events and are keen to take the next step?  Maybe you have been involved in the past and you would like to update your knowledge?  The Technical Committee are keen to help by running a course in your region – we just need to know who wants one!
The current course format is a 2-day course covering everything from parking to the size of the dot knolls, and is designed for those who have some prior course planning or controlling experience. We are also keen to trial a 1-day “beginners” course aimed at those new to course controlling and covering the basic stuff that even a club event should adhere to.
If you are keen please ask your club to contact the ONZ-technical committee.  We are looking at clubs rustling up 10 plus people (which can be from multiple clubs) to make the courses feasible.

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