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IOF Suspend Russia
By Christo Peters - Wed 2 Mar 2022 6:55pm

An open memo from IOF:

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orienteering Federation wrote an open letter to the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) and all Member Countries requesting the cancellation of Russia’s membership to the IOF for at least three years.

The full version of the letter can be found here.

IOF act quickly and decisively 

The IOF acted swiftly, calling an extra-ordinary meeting which immediately suspended the membership of the Russian Orienteering Federation. The suspension of the Russian member federation is for an indefinite period of time and means the following:

Russian orienteering athletes, in all IOF disciplines, will not be allowed to participate in IOF events. Athletes will also not be allowed to participate as neutral athletes. This decision has an immediate effect on the World Ski Orienteering Championships, Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships and European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships scheduled to be held in Finland March 14 – 20, 2022.

All organising rights for IOF events and activities are cancelled for the duration of the suspension. There are currently no IOF championships or major events scheduled to be held in Russia, but the decision means that any scheduled World Ranking Events and World Orienteering Day activities will have their IOF recognition removed.

Russian members appointed to IOF commissions and official bodies, are suspended from their work for the duration of the suspension.

These additional measures are being taken as a result of discussion within the IOF Council and are supported by statements made by a number of IOF member federations. They are in addition to the support expressed previously by the IOF for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommendations published on February 25. The decisions are made in accordance with the IOF Statutes and Code of Ethics.

Furthermore, the IOF Council will discuss the conditions for a potential suspension of the member federation in Belarus.

The IOF also requests other International Sports Federations for their support and asks that they consider applying similar measures. The IOF is committed to working towards the positive reinforcement of the values of sport via its engagement in stakeholder organisations.

IOF President Leho Haldna issued the following statement with regard to the decision – We want to express our solidarity with the Ukrainian Orienteering Federation and our support of all orienteering athletes in Ukraine. The Council decisions are taken to uphold the IOF values which are at the core of our sport and we believe that the situation requires of us to make these extraordinary decisions in the support of peace.

ONZ supports IOF decision

The ONZ Council has been communicating since the letter was received from the Ukraine Orienteering Federation, and are fully behind the actions and decisions taken by the IOF in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are sure we speak for all NZ Orienteers in expressing our dismay, shock, and anger at this awful situation unfolding in the Ukraine. We recognise this will be devastating obviously for those orienteers and people directly impacted by this conflict within Ukraine, but also for the many Russian orienteers and people who strongly disagree with this conflict. The ONZ Chair has officially responded to the Ukrainian Orienteering Federation on behalf of ONZ expressing our shock and sadness and conveying our strong support for them at this time.

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