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Junior Camp Applications now open!
By Christo Peters - Fri 1 Sep 2023 5:56pm

ONZ junior camp for school years 9 -12  Dec 14-19 2023

The Junior camp is open to year 9 to 13 students running at a high orange or red level course. Fees for the camp are set at $630 per person but may be reduced once we know about the success of grant applications to help cover accommodation and van hire for the camp.

Entries for this year’s Junior Camp are will be open until the end of September. The camp is being held at Woodend Christian Camp in Christchurch. With Tim Robertson and Emma Bjssmo as head coaches we are expecting over one hundred participants this year so make sure you sign-up before the end of the month. Junior Camp sign-up (Google Form)

We will be launching a Junior Camp website in the next couple of weeks so please check in regularly for updates, timelines, and other general information about the camp.

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