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Junior Camp has been cancelled, Regional camps to take its place
By Christo Peters - Sun 31 Oct 2021 12:45pm
Junior Camp has been cancelled

Updated 2/11/21 – Wellington Camp link fixed.

Earlier this year ONZ had high hopes of holding another successful Junior Camp. Initial discussions with hosts Wellington identified maps, transport, accommodation and catering and things seemed well on the way.  Since the delta outbreak things have become more and more challenging and camp organisation has felt more like a game of guess and check.

One thing you quickly learn when you oversee an event like this, in a time this, is that you simply can not have contingencies for every possibility.  ONZ has tried to provide certainty by sharing the parameters which we have been able to control to give as much clarity as possible for participants, coaches, volunteers, suppliers and ONZ.  We have been able to guarantee full refunds, define the camp structure (1 camp not two), and provide a clear policy to let everyone know that the camp would only go head at level one.  

Despite achieving clarity on these things, it has been extremely difficult to get timely, clear information on most things as many of these decisions lie out of our sphere of influence. As a result we have had to adapt as government and other organisations have changed NCEA dates, flight availability, covid restrictions and announced the new traffic light system.

We have made the decision to cancel this year’s Junior Camp.  In making this decision, we are recognising that travel restrictions between level three areas (Auckland and Waikato) and level two areas (the rest of the country) are not expected to improve by 1st December. Even if Auckland goes onto the new traffic light system, the restrictions will still be in place at the new red level.  We intend to refund all Junior Camp Fees by the end of the coming week (7th November).

By making a decision now, instead of on 1st December as planned, we allow for the running of regional camps. Three clubs have offered to run regional camps (see below) ONZ will have no part in running these but has undertaken to redirect the $10,000 budgeted for the Junior Camp to help organisers.

Auckland Camp
Hosts – Counties Manukau Orienteering Club
Format – day camp with possible dinner if restrictions permit.
Duration – 3 days
Entry – Auckland-based participants should be in contact with their own club from the second week of November to sign-up. Priority will be given to Junior Camp participants.
Cost – TBC

Wellington Camp
Wellington Orienteering Club
Format – overnight camp 
Duration – 16-19 December (4 days):

Based in the Wairarapa (accommodation in Masterton).

Provisional training locations:

  • 16 December – Riverside, starting 2 pm (negative terrain, some rocks)
  • 17 December – Mingimingi (spur/gully/pines)
  • 18 December – Hapua Wetlands (farmland with complex sections and patches of native bush)
  • 19 December – sprints in Wellington (convenient for flights or home)

Entry – All participants from outside Auckland and Waikiato are welcome.  Sign-ups available now using this form  Please direct any questions to Paul Teesdale-Spittle: t-s@xtra.co.nz
Cost – We will try to keep accommodation, food, and map access and printing costs down to $75/day   Transport is not yet priced transport.

Nelson Camp
Nelson Orienteering Club
Wellington Orienteering Club
Format – overnight camp 
Duration – 3 days
Entry – All South Island participants are welcome.  Sign-ups available from second week of November by emailing nelson.orienteering@gmail.com
Cost – TBC

ONZ recognises that this has also been a challenging time for families wanting to plan and book travel.  While the cancellation of the Junior Camp was not the desired outcome for anyone, we hope that participants will be in a position to take part in one of the regional camps proposed above.

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