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2021 Junior Camp Update
By Christo Peters - Sun 1 Aug 2021 9:34pm
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Junior Camp 2020

The 2021 annual Orienteering NZ Junior Orienteering Training Camp (Junior Camp) will take place in Masterton this year with students staying at St Matthews Collegiate between December 12th and 17th 2021. 

We ask parents to be patient while we appoint this year’s head coach and manager. 

We also ask parents not to book flights or make travel arrangements until after participant numbers have been confirmed.  This is because ONZ’s new (2020) policy dictates that no student who meets the entry criteria will be turned away.  This means that if we have too many applicants, the camp may be split into two separate camps for smaller durations (and undoubtedly cheaper). 

Student registrations for camp will be open between September 1st and 30th 2021 and a link will appear in the next issue of Compass Point.

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