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JWOC  |  Pre-forest events
By Christo Peters - Wed 2 Nov 2022 10:05pm

The team of Zefa Fa’avae and Kaia Joergensen with NZ team leader Jenni Adams have been training each day for the last few days in Portugal. Jenni says ” it has been nice running at a pleasant temperature compared to July. It’s a good temperature, quite mild, [and] hasn’t been rainy until a bit today. Most European countries have same numbers but outside of Europe is less, around 120 in each compared to 155 – 160 in July.” Meanwhile the small team are wearing the same outfit – luckily they have their team running uniform everyday as it was packed in their hand luggage. They just don’t seem to have got their main luggage yet and it is 4 hours drive each way for me to sort it out. 

The small team have been attending pre-events and are unofficial but did have the fastest times in their grades even though they will not be ranked. Sorry to Nelson Orienteering Club, because Zefa has become an unofficial PAPO member because it was the easiest for how it worked with entering the Portuguese system. And some basic Portuguese to see the results – look for for Kaia under D20 as dama / lady and H20 for Zefa as homem / male here

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