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MTBO  |   Champs entries open
By Christo Peters - Fri 31 Mar 2023 10:21pm

A fantastic weekend of competition, challenge, and fun for mountain bikers, orienteers, and adventure racers of all abilities.

The 2023 NZ MTBO Championships are around Christchurch with a Middle Distance event at Bottle Lake on 29th April, Sprint on a new map of the Christchurch Red Zone (banks of the Avon River), and Long Distance event at “The Willows” on 20th November. The Champs are being hosted by Peninsula and Plains Orienteers (PAPO).  

Courses will suit experienced and competitive mountain bike orienteers. However there will also be recreational courses for people newer to the sport, or who don’t wish to compete at full pace. The recreational classes also cater for those wishing to ride the course on and E-Bikes. There will be also be a course set to cater for juniors below 10 years of age. 
Enter by 17 April here

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