NZ v’s OZ  |2024 MTBO Challenge announcement
By Christo Peters - Sat 4 Nov 2023 8:32pm

After the last Australian Champs we already have a keen contingent forming for the 2024 champs.  The NZ MTBO Committee would like to announce that the ACT events will be the place for the AUS/NZ MTBO challenge in  2024.

NZ won the challenge this year, despite not having the allowable 3 riders in some classes. We would love to have the full complement next year as more Australians will be inspired to travel, as ACT is a lot more central to the MTBO fraternity in the Eastern states. We are raring to go for the challenge next year.. 

The NSW MTBO champs from 12-13th of October (to be confirmed) can be used as a warm-up to the ACT Aussie MTBOC from 18-20 October 2024.  It will then make it a worthwhile MTB Nav trip with 8 MTBO events in 9 days  all fairly close together in distance.

If you want to come over earlier you can include some foot nav with the 2024 Aust Champs Carnival in Armidale from 28 Set – 6 October 2024. This would make it an Aussie trip with 3 weeks of orienteering.

Any riders interested in joining the trans Tasman MTBO event please contact Rob Garden as there will be some combined transport and accommodation arrangements. 
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Armidale foot 

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NZ document of MTBO Aus v NZ rules challenge rules:

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