NZSSOC map change – Long distance event
By Joolz - Mon 10 Jun 2024 10:47pm

Change in venue for NZ Secondary School Orienteering Championships – Long distance event.

Orienteering Wellington has made the decision to relocate the Long Distance event for the NZ Secondary School Orienteering Championships. Originally planned to take place near Porirua, the event will now be held at the Hydrabad map in Waitarere Beach. Waitarere Beach is approximately a 1-hour drive north of Porirua, and the start times for the long distance event will be adjusted accordingly.

Upon reviewing the intended event terrain in winter-like conditions, we have determined that there is an elevated risk of competitor injury on technical courses due to adverse weather conditions. The pine forest terrain at Hydrabad provides a location that offers less exposure and maintains optimal orienteering conditions throughout the winter months.

We understand that this change may cause inconvenience, for which we apologise. However, prioritising competitor safety and minimising the potential for event cancellation is our primary concern.

Please refer to the event website for updates:

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