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ONZ Board Applications close Fri 17 Feb!
By Christo Peters - Sun 4 Feb 2024 9:39pm

Every year two Board Members complete their three-year term and we invite applications for these positions. If you are interested, follow the link below to read about the responsibilities of the Board as well as the time frames for receiving and voting on applicants.

We encourage anyone interested to in applying to talk to any of our current Board members: Jenni Adams (PAPO), Magnus Bengtsson (Wellington), Peter Swanson (OBOP), Marquita Gelderman (North West), Guy Cory-Wright (Auckland), Sarah O’Sullivan (Wellington). You are also more than welcome to call or email our General Manager Christo Peters about the position  by phone : 027 714 0915 or email Christo here

For more information and to download an application form here 
A reminder that applications close Friday 17th February 2024.

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