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ONZ Board changes: we welcome Sarah and farewell and Tom
By Christo Peters - Wed 3 May 2023 9:07pm

Welcome Sarah O-Sullivan

We are pleased to welcome Sarah to the board of Orienteering New Zealand (formerly known as the ONZ Council). Sarah will replace outgoing Board member Tom Reynolds.

Sarah says: “I am excited to join the ONZ Board and contribute to helping clubs grow and see more people enjoy the outdoors through orienteering. It’s a sport I have loved for the last 30 years, and believe it has so much to offer so many people. “

Farewell Tom Reynolds

We thank Tom Reynolds for his genuine passion, big-picture thinking and knowledge he brought to the Council. During his time on Council, Tom led council investigation and championed views in a number of projects including the future of the junior camp, non-binary participation, and most recently the potential use of metrics to help examine club health.

Another term for Guy-Cory Wright

With two Board members’ three-year terms finishing each year, Guy Cory-Wright will serve a second term on Council.

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