ONZ Compass Point – February 2019
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Mon 11 Feb 2019 5:58pm
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Orienteering NZ logoHappy New Year 2019

– welcome to the Chinese Year of the Pig

In Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth. Their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well. Pigs have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune in life.

Events – 2019 National Championships

Embargo Notice

Risk Management


Should I tell organisers I have a medical condition that may affect me on my course?


Yes every time. If the condition prevents you from returning to the finish line in a reasonable time, the organisers will want to know.

View from the Chair

Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope you’ve had a summer of adventures and fun.

Last weekend I was in Marlborough at SIOC and I would like to thank MOC for putting on 3 great events on some neat new maps.  It was great to see a small club taking on the challenge of what was a big event with over 280 participants.  Well organised and well run events.  It was great to see so many people staying and socialising at the Ward Domain, such is the camaraderie that exists within our sport.

MOC hosting this event shows that it is possible for smaller clubs to put on big events and there is a wealth of support and collateral available for clubs when they take on such a challenge.

If your club has an area that you think would make for a good event, please get in touch with Russell Higham, ONZ’s Event Liaison Officer, and he will help make it happen!

As referred to below, we are seeking 2 new Council members for election in 2019.  The ONZ council of 6 members is a body elected by the membership (via clubs), whose responsibility is to set the strategic direction and governance of orienteering in New Zealand.  Members are elected to the Council for a term of 3 years, with 2 councillors elected each year.

If you are interested in the long term direction of orienteering and being part of the council let Catriona know.  Any club member can apply (as long as you are over 18 years of age).

Looking ahead to Nationals in Oamaru, there will be a Club Forum session, which is an opportunity for club officers (and members) to hear firsthand from ONZ on what we are working on.

The agenda for this session is not fixed yet, but we’d like to give an update on the Rules review, the Membership database and talk about competition hosting.  And biosecurity management (e.g M. Bovis, Kauri dieback, Didymo) which is another area where we need to have good practices in place in order to be able to provide assurances to landowners and protect our access to event locations.

If you’ve got other topics you’d like to be considered for discussion, please let Catriona know.

Cheers, and good running
Jane Harding

2019 Council Elections

Applications Close 28 February 2019

2 vacancies for Council Members are now open and will close on 28 February 2019.

Tom Davies and Alison Comer’s current Council terms will end at the AGM in 2019.
Both are eligible for re-election.

The election will be via Postal Vote in March/April with the announcement made before the 2019 AGM at Easter.

More information is in Compass Point Special Edition or click here

High Performance Update

U23 Camp

Another successful U23 camp was held in Masterton before Christmas.  34 athletes attended and over 7 days.

A full summary of the camp can be found in the December HP News


Orienteering NZ submitted our bid document to host JWOC in 2022 just before Christmas.  We had hoped the IOF Council may have made a decision last week but with many other items on their agenda and events prior to 2022 needing confirmation, we will now have to wait until April.

World Anti-doping Agency - Play Truedrugfree sport new zealand

A wee reminder the The 2019 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods(List) in now in force, effective from 1 January 2019.

Event Liaison Update

Junior Camp

Pub Charity

Over 80 young orienteers attended the 2018 Junior Camp, hosted by Hawkes Bay.  The coaching was lead by Ed Cory-Wright and delivered a range of challenges for the young orienteers.

As the depth of young orienteers grow, the demand for acceptance for Junior Camp also grows.  In order to ensure the camp delivers the outcomes of providing a quality coaching experience we need to keep the numbers manageable.  This year we reviewed the qualification criteria and attendance numbers.  We think we have almost got this right are likely to do some tweaks for the 2019 camp, especially around assessing suitability to attend the camp.

Health & Safety

Missing Child

At the Canterbury Champs 2018 a child went missing, follow this link to view a report by Jenny Adams.

There is a comprehensive Missing Persons guide to assist organisers on the ONZ website; follow this link.

Note that when an initial hasty search has been carried out and nothing is found, it is important to dial 111 and give police notice that a search is underway – they will appreciate it.

Also of note; the Controller should remain at the Event Centre to maintain situational awareness, rather than try to get involved with the mechanics of the search itself or contacting emergency services which may entail finding reception or finding the nearest landline.

We have an online form that is designed for injury. I am in the process of replacing that form with one appropriate for reporting any incident where the outcome could have been serious.
By identifying and reporting incidents or near misses ONZ can:

  • Learn from these events
  • Plan and prepare for potential future events
  • Provide relevant training and opportunities to develop the skills of members
  • Effectively promote health and safety as well as hazard identification and management within ONZ and wider outdoor sector
  • Continually improve the ONZ safety culture

Weather Related Hazards

At the 2019 South Island Champs there were weather conditions that required special attention, it was very hot. There is an increased risk of Hyperthermia leading to Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke which can be very serious if not treated quickly.
Organisers should ensure that there is;

  1. Adequate water on courses (even if the winning time is 30 minutes),
  2. Be mindful of course lengths, in particular, the tail end of the field,
  3. There is shade, at the start, finish and event centre,
  4. 1st aid personnel are on hand at the finish to assist those that might have started on the slippery slope to collapse and unable to think clearly for themselves. This is especially important if out of mobile coverage and/or a long way from ambulance services,
  5. A good communication strategy, as shown on the safety checklist of ONZ Harm form.

Have your Say!

At various times we seek member feedback on issues we are considering to gauge the wider membership’s feeling on them.  Currently, there are 2 issues we are wanting to hear from you about:

ONZ Trophies

What should ONZ do about trophies?  Each year trophies aren’t returned; some are long lost, others not so.  We’d like to hear what you have to say.  Complete the ONZ Trophy survey

Southern Cross Challenge (NZ Schools Team)

Over the last 2 years an invitational team has attended the Australian Schools Championships in an informal capacity.  This year we have received a formal invitation for 2 teams.  This has potential for a large contingent of athletes to cross the Tasman, and some corresponding large logistical and safety concerns.

We are seeking feedback from current and potential future team members’ parents on your thoughts on some issues as you and your child may be directly impacted by any decisions around this team.  Complete survey here .


MTBO Controlling and Organising Workshop

27 – 28 October – Maryborough. Victoria, Australia

This will be run by by Sandor Talas (Hungary) who has conducted such clinics for the IOF in the past.  It will commence on Sunday afternoon (after the last race) in Maryborough and conclude about lunchtime Monday.

This workshop is suitable for all ranges of experience – for those who want / are involved in organising / controlling events in Australia, to those who wish to gain IOF accreditation to be involved in international events both here and overseas.

It is hoped to have participants from all states and New Zealanders are also most welcome.  More details will be provided later.

To register – send email to kayhaarsma@hotmail.com providing name; phone number, and stating your present level of experience – nil, some, moderate, very.


Over the summer months ONZ has received sad news of the passing of some well known orienteers.

Svend Pederson

Svend passed away in December after a short illness.  Svend was one of our oldest members, still active in Southland club and competing into his late ’80s.  Southland noted Svend was still attending committee meetings up until October “offering advice and keeping us on our toes”.

“Svend’s expertise in orienteering was outstanding and has been recognised over the years in a variety of ways. He was chosen to represent New Zealand in orienteering and has been a National champion, he has been honoured by Orienteering New Zealand and received a community Service to Sports award. His highly intelligent approach meant he was not only a successful competitor but also an excellent orienteering mapper and event planner.”  Paul Horner, Southland Orienteering Club President.

The following message from Sally Duston

After talking to a few people at the South Island Champs at the weekend, I feel that those involved with Svend over the years would like to be able to view the live streaming of the Celebration of his Life.  Karsten, one of Svend’s sons, has extended an invitation to those wishing to do so to click on this link.  It is available until about the end of March
Family & Friends • OneRoom
Email to enter: Karsten@kpco.co.nz
Password: JFCAGL

Much of this was based on the book Svend wrote about his life and which I have seen.  It is a fascinating document with so many aspects of his life.  I don’t have full details but if you would be interested in buying a copy, please let me know asap.  I’m guessing the cost may be around $25.  It contains many amusing stories and photos.  Please contact Sally at summerthornwood@yahoo.co.nz

Max Kerrison

Max Kerrison from OBOP was tragically killed while out cycling in Ohope over the summer.  Like his son Neil, Max was a keen orienteer who was wellknown to many around the country.

“A huge turnout of orienteers came together in Napier recently to celebrate the life of Max Kerrison.  Many felt it was a somewhat untimely cycle accident of a great person – fondly referred to as a tough guy, beast, indestructible, determined, hard man and life lover.

Max’s orienteering career had spanned many decades, first appearing in the NZ Champs 1974, 2nd in M21C, and running for the Pinelands Club.  Max quickly jumped to M21A over the next 20 years with some very respectable results in various NZ, Regional and Multi day Champs.  In 1984 he made the jump to M35A and immediately started being a force to be reckoned with, winning many Championship titles over the next 5 years, with the occasional foray back into M21E.

Probably one of his best results was winning the 1984 Labour Weekend 3 day in M21A, and NZ Champs 1985 – 3rd in M21E (at age 36).  Max continued orienteering through the 90s with some top placings in all sorts of grades – from M35A – M45A against some fierce competition.

Max also contributed to the orienteering community by controlling and planning a number of top level events, as well as competing in and being on the organising team for the Kaweka Challenge.

In the 2000’s with a shift to Hawkes Bay and different career moves Max continued to orienteer competitively, but with not quite the intensity of the previous years.  Not bad for a guy with two hip replacements! ”  Jill Dalton

In other news…

SPORT NZ Sport Integrity Review

Late last year Sport NZ has launched nationwide public consultation on its review into sport integrity, calling on anyone involved in sport to share their thoughts on a range of integrity issues.  ONZ contributed to the review through the online survey.

Fortunately for orienteering currently, we do not have issues around most of the topics raised in the sport integrity, but that is not to say in the future this may occur.  We will awaiting the report from the review and then determine which areas of policy we need to improve to safe-guard our athletes, officials, and volunteers.

Touch of Nostalgia

ONZ is selling the old NZSS Schools Team Uniforms to fundraise for future school team costs.  For those of you who once proudly wore a NZSS race top or tracksuit, here’s your opportunity to now purchase one for posterity!!

All these uniforms are well worn and are used condition.  Sizes unknown and stock is limited, so it will be on a first in – first served basis is you want specific sizings.

Please email gm@orienteering.org.nz your order.

Please include postal address details.  Invoices will be sent for payment, including price of uniforms bought and $10 P&P.

Race Top Dirty-D - $15

Race Top Dirty-D – $15

Track suit top - $20

Track suit top – $20

Track Suit bottom - $15

Track Suit bottom – $15

Race Top - $15

Race Top – $15

Race Pants - $15

Race Pants – $15

Auckland World Masters Games Volunteer Uniforms

ONZ has spare unopened World Masters Games Uniforms for any volunteers who were at the Games and would like some more kit for free.  Not sure about sizes, so again, first in best dressed in green!

email gm@orienteering.org.nz with your postal details and we will send them out to you.

AWMG Jacket






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