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ONZ Compass Point – September 2018
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 27 Sep 2018 11:16pm
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Junior Camp – 17-20 December – Hawkes Bay.

This year’s focus is on the training needs of M/W 14/16 Red orienteers, giving these young orienteers the best training opportunity we can.

2018 Junior Camp Criteria:

  1. M/W 14/16
  2. Red Course; or Orange courses (i.e. you must have at least successfully completed several Orange courses on your own).
  3. Those who have represented NZ in a Schools Team or Invitational Team
  4. Those who have represented their club at National Championships
  5. The maximum number of athletes for the camp has been set at 80

If you do not fit this criteria, ie. you are now running M/W 18, we are currently assessing training opportunities for 2019.  We will be looking at how we can make this training available without the need for a week-long camp at the end of the year, so we may come up with a new model for this group of orienteers.  Watch this space!

If you are running just orange courses, then the focus for you is to start challenging yourself to run harder courses with the aim of red courses for 2019.

U23 Camp – 10-13 December – Wairarapa.

This camp will be focused on high performance with the U23 squad in attendance and others by invitation, after registrations have been assessed.  Again there are limited numbers who can attend.

Applications are open to those aged 17 to 22 years old and is targeted at the U23 and older regional squad members to develop their skills and training regime for JWOC/WUOC and Junior SuperSeries.  Coaches for the Junior Camp will also be encouraged to attend.

Camp Registration Closes 30 September 2018


2019 Secondary Schools Allocated

Auckland and North West have been confirmed as co-hosts for the 2019 National Secondary School Championships.

Due to Easter being late next year, this event will be scheduled to align with club availability.

From 2019 the SuperSeries will be renamed the National Orienteering League

Quality Areas Registration

View from the Chair

This week sees our NZ Secondary Schools team head off to Adelaide to defend the Southern Cross Challenge.  We have a strong and proud history of this challenge, being the undefeated holders of the challenge since 2002.  Good luck to all the athletes, we look forward to seeing you return home with the Challenge trophy yet again.

Also competing is the Junior Pinestars team, many of whom are also in the Schools team.  Again I wish you well.  Unfortunately this year we are unable to compete in the senior grade with many of our elite athletes still in Europe competing in World Cup events.

In mid-October the Council will meet in Wellington for our annual planning meeting.  Our very full agenda includes approving the 2019 budget, confirming the strategic plan and targets for 2019 and also looking strategically at the way we organise ourselves to deliver the best we can for our members, clubs and orienteering in the country.  This meeting is also a good opportunity for Council members and ONZ staff to discuss issues in a focused environment away from the obligations of running events or running in events.

Finally, good luck to all our other orienteers who are competing in the Australian Championships, I will be there myself so expect to see me cheering you all on during the days of competition.

Jane Harding

High Performance Update

High Performance Plan Updated.

Malcolm Ingham has taken the opportunity to update the HP Plan to reflect the achievement of goals since 2016 and adjust to the changes being implemented by IOF around the split between forest and sprint events at WOC.

Goal 1 – by the end of 2019 New Zealand should be firmly established in Group 2 for WOC qualification for both men and women.

This goal was achieved however, the change in format for WOC, to alternating forest and sprint championships, means that group qualification will only continue to apply to the long distance race at forest WOC.

Goal 2 – by the end of 2019 New Zealand will have achieved top 10 finishes at WOC for both men and women in the sprint and in either middle or long distance. In the same period there will have been at least 1 podium finish.

Tim Robertson achieved this in the sprint distance this year.. Top 20 finishes in the women’s long and middle distances have been achieved but a top 10 finish remain elusive. The potential to achieve these ambitious targets is hindered by the non-availability of key individuals from year to year.

Goal 3 – by the end of 2019 New Zealand will have achieved top 10 finishes at WOC for both men and women in the relay, and in the sprint relay.

This goal has not yet been achieved in any relay, and remains dependent on availability and the consequent ability to form strong teams.

Event Liaison Update

Quality areas for the ONZ National Championships 2020 and beyond.

Thanks to those mappers and orienteers who sent through suggestions for areas.  We are still happy to take more suggestions, so please send through to us.

Criteria: The areas offered need to fall in line with the object of the different formats on offer.  Middle distance: Technically complex terrain.  Long distance: Physically tough terrain allowing for good route choice possibilities.

These areas also need to be able to cater for recreational orienteers, beginners and children and be reasonably accessible.

We welcome your feedback at any time.

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