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ONZ Controllers Clinic in Christchurch – 25 & 26 Nov 2023
By Christo Peters - Thu 28 Sep 2023 3:24pm

An ONZ Controllers Clinic will be held in Christchurch over the weekend of 25th – 26th of November based at St Martins School.  The Clinic will be run by Alister Metherell.

The course will be of interest to course planners, controllers and organisers who wish to update their skill-set, for all events from club events to national championships.  It is a prerequisite to becoming an ONZ A or B grade Controller.

Topics include the Function and tasks of the Controller; Event Organisation; Technical detail about the map, control sites and courses; SportIdent and timing; 
Complaints, Protests and Juries; Health and Safety; Practical Exercises and Controlling Conundrums.  

There is no cost, it’s a service that Orienteering New Zealand provides.

For course registration or further information please contact Alister Metherell  alister.metherell@gmail.com  or phone 021 900 467  

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