ONZ Orienteering NZ Compass Point e-Newsletter – May 2016
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 2 Jun 2016 3:56pm
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Orienteering NZ - Find your adventureWhat’s in this Issue

  • View from the Chair
  • Welcome to Tommy Hayes
  • Controller’s Clinic – Dunedin
  • Orienteering NZ Vacancies & Appointments
  • Travel Update – NZ Secondary Schools Team to Australia
  • HP Update
  • Update from the Mapping Committee
  • World Orienteering Day
  • 2017 World Masters Games & Oceania Updates
  • Calling Orienteering Volunteers

View from the Chair – May 2016

This month has seen the welcome addition of Tommy Hayes to our Council. He emerged from our election process and has already made his mark at his first Council meeting. It is welcoming to have a young articulate person on our Board and also to offer an athlete’s perspective on key issues. Still on the welcoming front – we have managed to find someone to take on the Event Liaison role. Russell Higham has been appointed and brings with him plenty of Risk Management experience as well as his trademark mapping skills. He will continue to sit on the Technical Committee, there being plenty of synergies between the two roles especially around major events. We’ll be initially looking for Russell to interact with clubs over issues arising from the recent Health and Safety legislation and also assisting clubs with planning for major events.

Council is continually striving for ways to communicate better with the membership. It has become clear that not all members read our communications and we need to reinforce key messages on several different fronts. Building on this, we decided at the last Council meeting to put draft policies on the ONZ website and announce this within Compass Point with the aim of offering a defined period for appropriate feedback and comment. Take the time to look at our redrafted Policy G6 – International Team Funding – which should be uploaded very shortly. I’ve also asked Malcolm Ingham, ONZ High Performance Leader to use Compass Point to publicize some of the main points of his High Performance Strategy and other views which could well be beneficial to athletes and the wider membership alike.

Queens Birthday weekend will see the welcome return to our shores of our close friends from Australia who will compete with New Zealand in the form of Pinestars v Bushrangers at both senior and encouragingly junior levels. The inclusion of Junior Pinestars represents delivery of another milestone of our High Performance strategy and provides an opportunity for our top juniors to gain some international experience and further their development. We look forward to taking both junior and senior teams to the Australian Champs in late September for a return match up and to make these part of our regular competition calendar. Hopefully over Queens Birthday weekend, we will manage to talk with key Australian officials to further explore more opportunities for interaction between the two countries.

So good luck to both Pinestar teams and also those competing in World Cup 2 in the Czech Republic.

David Turner
Chairperson, ONZ Board

TommyWelcome to Tommy Hayes

Tommy Hayes is the new ONZ Council member who was elected after the 2016 AGM for a 2-year term.

Tommy is a member of Auckland Orienteering Club and was recently named as a member of the 2016 JWOC Team. He was also a member of the 2015 JWOC team.

When Tommy isn’t orienteering he is studying at Auckland University after being awarded a Premier Scholar Award in 2015 by the Prime Minister John Key.

Controller’s Clinic

  • 8-19 June, Dunedin

Al Cory-Wright will be running a Controller’s Clinic in June. The Clinic is open to anyone interested in controlling. Spaces are still available.
Contact Jeni Pelvin at Dunedin Orienteering Club if you are keen.

ONZ Appointments & Vacancies

Congratulations to the following orienteers who have been appointed recently:

  • Russell Higham – Event Liaison

The following vacancies are currently being advertised on the ONZ website:

  • Junior Development Committee member
  • Mapping Information Transfer from Maptalk

The deadline for JDC member applications has been extended so we can get a suitable candidate.
Full position descriptions for all these roles are available.

TRAVEL UPDATE – NZ Secondary Schools team to Australia

ONZ has booked the travel for the NZ Schools Team to Australia in September. Due to the return flights hubbing through Auckland it was decided to book all the international travel will be to/from Auckland. Connecting domestic flights will be booked once the team has been selected. We understand we can get connecting flights from Christchurch and Wellington on the day, but may require earlier travel and an overnight stay in Auckland if athletes are coming from other locations.

If you are wanting to travel on the same flights as the team, here are our flight details:

Auckland to Brisbane – AirNZ NZ135 departing Thursday 22 September 9.20am
Brisbane to Auckland – AirNZ NZ 136 departing Monday 3 October 11.20 am

High Performance Updates …. coming soon

From June we’ll have some regular section from Malcolm on whats happening in High Performance, how the High Performance plan is rolling out, and other information which Malcolm will bring to your attention.

Update from the Mapping Committee

Dear New Zealand mappers

The mapping committee has decided to form a mapping bulletin, which will encompass all orienteering mapping related news in New Zealand. Click here for the bulletin.

It is likely the news bulletin will not be a regular occurrence, rather when something newsworthy comes our way, we will send it on to the community. If you come across something relevant that you think would interest New Zealand mappers, forward it on to everyone, or send it to the mapping committee and we can do so for you.

Hopefully everyone’s mapping projects are going well heading into the winter, and we look forward to running on them soon!

WOD - World Orienteering DayWORLD RECORD – World Orienteering Day – 11 May

81 countries
2,511 orienteering events
252,927 participants

We achieved the level of a new WORLD RECORD regarding participation in orienteering activities during one day. May 11th was the day when we started in Australia and ended up in West Canada. We exceeded our challenging target, 250 000 young people!

At the moment Turkey has most registered participants with 43,000 and Sweden on second spot with 31,000. China is in third position with 13,000 participants.

Please follow WOD at www.worldorienteeringday.com

2017 World Masters Games - Auckland NZ2017 World Masters Games – Auckland NZ2017 World Masters Games & Oceania Updates


A wee reminder to ALL orienteers the WMG2017 embargoes apply to everyone, regardless of whether you are a masters orienteer or not. Please ensure you respect and abide by these embargoes. Click here to find out about the embargoes.

AWMG Registrations are Open

Registrations for WMG2017 are now open.

WMOC2017 Bulletin 1 – “Sports Information Guide” Published

The WMOC2017 Bulletin 1 is now published

oceania2017.nzOceania Registrations are Open

Registrations for Oceania are now open.


In April 2017 Auckland will host two of the largest orienteering events ever to be held in New Zealand. The Oceania Orienteering Championships and the Auckland World Masters Games will run over consecutive weekends in terrain throughout the region.

Auckland, Counties Manukau and North West Orienteering Clubs are collaborating to organise both orienteering carnivals, and its going to be a great challenge to hold 11 races in 14 days (including 2 days in Rotorua organised by OBOP). With ONZ, the three clubs have formed a steering group which has been working together for five years to lay the foundations for this landmark occasion.

We are hosting Oceania ourselves. This will be like a normal NZ orienteering event, only bigger.

For Auckland World Masters Games, orienteering is just one of 28 sports. We’re contracted to deliver orienteering within the larger Games event. Auckland is expecting 25,000 athletes – that bigger than the Olympics – of which 1000 or more will be orienteers.

We will use the same teams to deliver both events. Volunteers will still be able to compete – we’ll work around your commitments.


We are using this signup form to collect volunteers for Oceania and AWMG but as per below you must also register on the official AWMG site.


AWMG will have a compulsory volunteer registration process via the official AWMG website. It is a quick and easy process to sign up – about 10min! All our club members will be “sport-specific volunteers”. The Games team want to have all sport specific volunteers signed up as early as possible so go on and do this now. When registering with AWMG, you’re just putting your name down. You won’t be assigned to any particular role. But, what do you get includes:

  • A code to use when applying that allows you to skip many questions and the interview process.
  • When you get to the section asking for a sporting partner endorsed code use ORIENSC
  • A free uniform to keep
  • Meals
  • A mighty good feeling for helping out your club and the sport of orienteering
  • The experience of being part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world

What you need to do:

  • Apply as a volunteer as soon as you can
  • Have your driver’s license or passport ready when you apply plus your t-shirt size
  • Be available to help at four or more volunteer shifts

For more information have a look here http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/getinvolved/volunteers/

The FAQ’s link has a lot more detailed information if there is anything more you need to know. Once you’ve got all the info you need, grab your passport or driver’s license, click Apply and choose the SPORT link. When you get to the section asking for a sporting partner endorsed code use ORIENSC Thank you so much for taking the time to apply as a volunteer so Orienteering can be a successful sport at the Auckland World Masters Games!

So what are you waiting for….fill out your details here, tell us your plans and we’ll be back in touch.

Rio 2016 OlympicsSpeaking of Volunteering ….

Our General Manager has been selected to be Rio Volunteer
Catriona McBean has been selected by the Rio Organising Committee to be a volunteer at the upcoming Olympics. She will be volunteering at the Hockey Centre as part of the Technology Team. Catriona will be on leave during August to enable her to undertake this role.

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