ONZ’s Board approve new HP staffing structure 
By Christo Peters - Mon 1 Jul 2024 7:39pm
ONZ’s Board approve new HP staffing structure 

Following the retirement of long-serving ONZ Performance Leader Malcolm Ingham earlier in the year, ONZ’s Board reached out to key stakeholders to review how High Performance (HP) should be staffed over the next five years. The group included current and form elite athletes, coaches, Board Members, current and former Club Presidents and a Regional Development Officer for good measure.

The working group met at the end of May, agreeing that the role would be best served by a single Performance Leader responsible for most of the regular tasks. Where the structure differs from the previous model is the establishment of a (still to be named) HP Group that will be working with the Performance Leader to provide stewardship in the HP space. This new group will be made up of 5 members including: 2 Athlete representatives, at east Coach/Manager representative, Training Co-ordinator/Regional Development representative, club voice. These roles will be refreshed annually and it was noted that it was likely that members of the group may fit into a number of these categories. The new HP Group will work directly with the new Performance Leader around the running of training camps, National Orienteering and National Sprint Leagues, and Athlete performance and progress. In addition to this, the Group will aid the Performance Leader in the creation a new HP plan with ONZ wishes to have out for consultation by the end of September. 

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