Orienteering NZ Compass Point e-Newsletter – June 2015
By Catriona McBean - Tue 30 Jun 2015 8:30pm
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President’s Rant – June 2015

Hats’ off to North West for a great series of events over Queens Birthday. Whilst I couldn’t make it, over 500 did and the feedback has been very positive around the quality of the event and the enjoyment factor. It was especially rewarding to see so many junior orienteers competing in the regional competitions and a good contingent from Australia.

Despite the Bushrangers narrowly defeating our Pinestars, Malcolm Ingham, ONZ’s High Performance Leader, was pleased with the overall performance and is looking forward to gaining revenge in a return match during the Aus Champs in Ballarat in late September. I’ve just completed my entry and given the relatively close proximity of Ballarat to Melbourne, it would be good to see some strong NZ numbers at the event. I’ve been warned that accommodation is likely to be in demand as there are other competing events on at the same time – so book early.

Neil Kerrison,  ONZ’s recently appointed Volunteer Co-ordinator is underway and you will begin to notice his presence as he interacts with clubs and assists in addressing  on-going club issues and  immediate needs. He has some of his own exciting initiatives – so do take the time to sound him out. He’s contactable via volunteerguidance@orienteering.org.nz

At Council level, we are busy with policies on international team representation and international travel and need to shortly address our constitution which is due for review. Sport NZ has changed its method of funding and we now have to compete with other sports for a share of the pie. Catriona has attended initial meetings and we are well positioned and presently preparing our submission due by the end of July.

David Turner

Orienteering NZ Appointments and Vacancieslogo-ONZ-compass-square

Congratulations to the following people who have been appointed to committees:


  • Dwayne Smith (Convenor)


  • Michael Wood (Convenor)
  • Josie Boland
  • Rob Garden
  • Alister Metherell
  • Pete Swanson

Junior Development

  • Paul Teesdale-Spittle (Convenor)
  • Mike Beveridge
  • Linda Smith
  • Hugh Forlong-Ford
  • Nick Smith


We still have vacancies for the following panels and committees:

  • Rogaine Committee – 3 members
  • Selection Panel – Senior – 1 member
  • Technical Committee – 1 member

Full position descriptions for all these roles are available on the Orienteering NZ website.

Constitution Reviewlogo-ONZ-compass-square

This year Orienteering NZ will be reviewing our constitution.  While the constitution was last amended at the 2011 AGM the Council believe it timely to thoroughly review the constitution to ensure it is abreast of legal requirements, represents best practice and provides the framework for our sport moving forward.

While the Council will be taking legal advice on many of these issues, we are also wanting members to provide input into this process.  We believe it is important for members who have had to work within the constitution to give us ideas and suggestions as to how we can make it better.

There are a few key areas which we are specifically keen to hear from you about:

  1. The Council makeup.  Currently the Council is made up of a President, Vice-President, 4 Regional Representatives and the General Manager.  Is the the right or wrong number of people?
  2. Elected or Appointed Council members. Currently the President and Vice-President are elected annually at the AGM.  The Regional Representatives are appointed by their respective regions.  Is this the right process?  Should all members of the Council be elected by the membership at large?  Should there still be Regional Reps?  If so, how do regions ensure the best people are appointed?  Currently the way in which regions appoint their reps vary region to region.  Should a national appointment process for regional reps be set?
  3. Council appointment term.  The President and Vice-President are elected annually but the Regional Reps are appointed for varying terms.  Should the terms be longer?  Should all terms be for the same period of time, for example 2 or 3 years?
  4. Membership – the current constitution allows for Institutional membership of which we currently have 1 school as an institutional member.  Should membership be individuals only or a mix of individuals and institutions?
  5. AGM Timings.  The current rules around notification of the AGM, AGM remits etc is very long 12 weeks. With the use of technology does this have to be so long now?  For example for the 2016 AGM any remits will need to be submitted by Christmas 2015!

JWOC Team has Departed

The JWOC Team has departing NZ for Europe.

To keep up with the team check out their blog posts JWOC.  We will be following the teams progress closely and wish them luck in Norway.

Vacancies Coming Soon2017 World Masters Games - Auckland NZ

Are you an experienced Event Manager?  Do you want to be involved in a festival of orienteering in 2017?

We will soon be advertising for two Event Manager roles for the 2017 World Masters Games and Oceania 2017.

Both these roles will be based in Auckland as part-time initially, winding up to full-time in 2017.

Check out the Orienteering NZ website vacancies section for position descriptions. Click here

Is Anyone Heading to the WMOC 2015 in Gothenburg?

We are looking for anyone who is going to Gothenburg who can help up promote the Auckland World Masters Games 2017.

We have some fliers and information we would love to give out at Gothenburg, so if anyone has a spare kg or 2 in their luggage and is willing to take the fliers we would love to hear from you.

Please let Catriona know if you are willing and able.

Upcoming Events

Don’t forget to follow our international teams at JWOC and WOC.

For more events check out the Orienteering NZ website events listings

Advance Notice

2015 Junior Camp

The Junior Camp is being hosted by Auckland Orienteering Club.

The dates are: Sunday 13 to Friday 18 Dec 2015.

Camp Bulletin coming soon.



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